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I got a feeling April, May & June is gonna be hectic!

Hello dear friends, and fuckwits who hide in the shadows,

Did you notice winter creeping up on us here in Jo’burg? I love it! Even the universe is giving me an early birthday gift!

I fell off the picture a day wagon. My heart don’t feel broken, sorry! However, I do include a picture of my newly coloured, darker hair which is ultimately my favourite. I did dark red with black highlights this time, but you only truly see it in the sun. I continue to colour my hair MYSELF every second week because I am so grey.

My fabulous hairdresser, Michelle gives the occasional trim. I have already booked and paid (thank you husband) my second Brazilian blow out with her for my birthday, as it is simply the best! My hair did not fall out, colouring it often has not changed the effect, but it was a little more frizzy at the coast than up here. The condition of my hair is outstanding. I strongly recommend using Michelle on 0824420014 and looking and feeling fabulous about your hair!

My first week back after our first family holiday has been hectic!

Madness tried to take it is toll!

On my first day back I had a very upsetting incident with my new boss {I report to three people}. Another of my bosses took a visibly shaken me for coffee, well, I had a Vanilla Au Lait, calmed me down, I said everything I had wanted to say, I felt heard and it was a successful meeting. Smile, wave and doing my job to the best of my ability remains my approach, while I may find smiling a bit more forced this moment but I will turn this around. Fake it till you make it, en so!

On the second day back, I was sent for more blood work and a nuclear full body scan to see what is happening with them bones. I was thankful to see I am not completely mental as the scan showed my body was permanently inflamed with ten places that showed up more severely. My right hand is pretty bad and there was a black spot on the screen. A treatment plan will be worked out to control pain and give me a prolonged quality of life but I just felt relieved to see I was not imagining pain! I have been going for physio and acupuncture which does help for sure. I wish the lady with the needles stayed at our house…

Noid and I found our dream property this week and decided to be together as soon as possible… so our move is happening at the end of this month! Yay!! We have had it with living apart!! The house is in a new spot where neither of us have lived, perfect for starting afresh and finding a new comfort zone. We are thrilled!

We had already booked our 2nd honeymoon {ha ha ha! Every holiday we take ALONE from now on after our wedding is another honeymoon!} So, this moon of honey is also happening this month and we will be away for a week. Since you not packing up our houses, you can look forward to daily updates and pictures for that trip. Got lots of mail that you enjoyed that.

Besides this Noid is writing exams, studying while working full time… His study load is huge and looks bloody nerve wrecking to me.

I am also looking at either Weigh- Less or Weight Watchers but can’t decide which one. Each have pluses and minuses. I need some support and interactively Weigh-Less wins and has more classes to chose from.

My Tranquil Body Treat sales are going well and I am making slow but steady and good progress. Huge gratitude for those that support me!

Our Liam James celebrates his 15th birthday today. Happy birthday my boy! Love you !!

I wish you enough,

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11 responses to “I got a feeling April, May & June is gonna be hectic!”

  1. I am glad for you and Noid that you two have found the right property for your needs and love.
    Also, happy birthday to your son.
    I have a friend who’s husband is also studying for exams and as I listen to her, it is hectic and she feels neglected by the studies, so I feel for you.


  2. YAY for the new house!! Awesome!


  3. I can see the stripes in your hair and it looks great. I am also loving my Brazillian blow wave. My hair has also not fallen out and is not taking strain even though I colour it regularly. I’m going back to my sister sometime this month so she can do my second one too!! He he he we on a roll sister 😀


  4. Congratulations all round … new house, second honeymoon coming up & happy 15th birthday Liam!!!

    Good vibes everywhere, soon at work too!

    Happy packing, Wenchy


  5. Your hair is beautiful!
    Yay on finding a new place! Bet you guys are counting the sleeps!!
    Happy bday Liam, hope you have a great day!


  6. Happy Birthday Liam !!, congrats on your new house…


  7. Great for article. My opinion this post is interesting . I like your post. I need to know how can I subscribe to your blog?. I will be follow you blog each 5 days.


  8. Busy busy busy but the “Big Picture” is taking shape so well and I am hellishly excited!

    Love You


  9. Congratulations on the new home. That is fantastic news. Happy Bday for Liam.


  10. Congrats on moving soon. I need to get your blog in my reader. Have been missing too much.

    Hope your current trip is wonderful.

    Great hair, too, btw.



  11. Such a beautiful time for a beautiful woman. Love your hair. And I am thrilled that you and Noid found an awesome place.


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