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The laughter of the aphorism is sometimes triumphant, but seldom carefree.

We are not 20 anymore which means we are not starting life from scratch. No care in the world, no responsibility and the feeling of life being for the conquering and taking. We closer to 40 (well, one of us a tad closer than the other), we have two failed marriages behind us (not to each other hahahahaha), we have six kids between us, we in the process of moving house, selling, buying, packing, planning – one of us is building a successful career and excelling while the other just wants to earn a living and read a book. Actually just read a book and sell Tranquil Body Treats and take the odd picture. One of us screams at the TV thinking the referee can hear while the other dreams about fitting into a go-kart without feeling uncomfortable. We have laugh lines, sagging bodies, one of us has anxiety to the point of wanting to run in the opposite direction of life while the other pronounces all things are possible and good and one need worry for nothing – regardless we are not short of dreams, nor aspirations.

To be honest neither of us had that care free 20-year-old feeling either. By the time I was 20 I had been married for 3 years and pregnant with my first son, Kevin while already paying a bond and wondering if my husband will come home sober this Friday. Noid was married to sweet Caroline (yes, like the Neil Diamond song) and father to a very ill pre-mature baby boy, Nic while studying full-time and working part-time.

Today, we have more opportunities and resources to actually make our dreams come true than either of us have ever had.  I am not even just talking finances here. I am talking about the ability to believe, the power to see things through to the end, even if it is just eating no carbs for a week. We have doors to open and windows to close and to know that new places, people and things will appear to replace old places, people and things. We don’t apologise for who we are. We know who we are, we know that there are always room for improvement and that the only people we can change is ourselves.

We shall count down the days until we head off on our second honeymoon next week. (It having been declared that all holidays taken alone without kids since our wedding almost seven months ago, shall henceforth be called moons of honey).

We will start our excitement on the Thursday evening by visiting one of my favourite places, the theatre! Seeing The Sopranos ! Musical productions are by far my favourites. In the morning… we shall hit the road. 🙂 Hail Mary full of Grace, please let my husband have us arrive safely…the man with the thighs has a tendency to skid of loose gravel purposefully and I don’t wanna have to say Our Father all the way!… then again, I am only Catholic on Fridays so my dear husband will have to provide me with a fish lunch or supper. 🙂 He is excellent at providing random stuff my head dreams up. Anyhow, I will keep you updated via blog, Face Book, Twitter and smoke screens if necessary… and off course with pictures and all we get up to.

I wish you something to look forward to, someone to love…. and the bravery to join a Weight-Loss club just before heading off to a honey of the moon! (more on that tomorrow!)


20 responses to “The laughter of the aphorism is sometimes triumphant, but seldom carefree.”

  1. I love being in my 30’s. My 20’s were too damn drama filled. I look forward to what my 40’s will hold!


  2. Ai, what a lovely post. Enjoy that honey moon


  3. Love this post!


  4. Karen Allison avatar
    Karen Allison

    Similar dreams and aspirations, such different paths, nearly 18 years married to the man of my dreams, the most fabulous daughter, beautiful, most of all she is, fairly tall, clever and marvelously skinny. All that and I have only just realised that I am worthy and if the general public don’t like my overweight self, that ‘s their issue and no longer mine!

    Well that’s this months feeling and I’ll work on ensuring its next months as well!


  5. Love this post…well said!


  6. What a beautiful post. So true about where we are in our life.


  7. So excited I am!

    I like us the way we are described so beautifully above.

    I love you


  8. I like this post very much. So honest. Can read the love in this you two have.


  9. Great post, and may the two of you have a wonderful life together !!!!!


  10. So beautiful!


  11. Wonderful post – loved it.


  12. Return to Norway avatar
    Return to Norway

    Have a great time Wenchy – love you blog!


    1. So many years later and now more than one of us suffers with crippling anxiety.



  13. congratulations to both of you….


  14. Well said, lovely post and – congrat’s to you both.
    Beautiful 🙂


  15. Bravo! Bravo! Beautiful…..


  16. What a beautiful post and tribute to your husband and to the relationship you have. You guys have both travelled difficult roads but having the support, now, in one another just makes life that little bit easier.

    Btw – my wireless has been down, hence no comments from me.

    Looks like you guys had a wonderful Walton holiday and i hope that your ‘moons of honey’ with your man is good one on one time togther xx


  17. I love that every holiday without kids = honeymoon!
    Have a lovely time 🙂


  18. Loved this post. x


  19. Memories!

    Such a long time ago!


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