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The Hills Are Alive Day #1

Hello again, hello…

Good thing we headed for the mountains as the day before had a most unpleasant afternoon. Parents with ADHD kids will know what I mean when I say these children with their total lack of boundaries can make you cry…..and eventually them!

The son in question sent a broadcast bbm to various people, which include our 7 year old with hugely inappropriate contact. Off course I had no idea.

The x wife of Noid contacted him and my afternoon was flooded in tears and frustration that the son couldn’t just be fucking proper. I do wish the x wife would have contacted ME since it is MY child causing the problem, and I have conveyed such.

It upset me very much and the son now has no phone, for how long I don’t know. My heart hurt so bad that we did leave 100 percent on a good note.

In the evening, I was hosting a group of colleagues at Jo’burg Civic Theatre. Thanks to my husband and Mogapi. We saw ‘The Sopranos’ and it was magical.

I cried when they did ‘Over the rainbow’, okay I sobbed, did break my upset from what had happened earlier.

This morning we woke up just after 6am, got ready, having packed already the day before. Did not help as it took 2.5 hours from home to Heidelberg. Usually I am not big on going away during peak times, and I am now reminded why!

What we hoped would be breakfast turned out to be lunch in Clarens. Clarens, although now very commercial, is gorgeous. It has many little shops and cute restaurants with real South African foods. I wish we could have stayed longer! We bought a quaint clock for our new kitchen.

We came into Lesotho at Caledon’s poort. They seem to have an honesty bar system, as you sommer declare whatever and they stamp your passport. No searching the car, no speaking English.

We drove through beautiful country side and at one spot stopped to give out sweets we have been saving for months.

The problem is in such poor communities are that a simple sweet is an item valuable to start a fist fight. Nobody speaks English to get them in an orderly anything is impossible. I tried give everyone one, but they attacked me in trying to reach my sweet bag to the point that at one stage I still had to see if my very small purple engagement ring is still on my finger!!!! Honestly did frighten me and made me sad that my life is so filled with abundance and these kids were willing to fight for a minute of sweet on their tongue. Sad.

Our destination for the night was Motebon Village, on the banks of the Katse dam in Lesotho which was a request from my husband. I googled like nobody’s business and found a spot. Now, I don’t “rough” it, but a house for two, self catering which I detest, I could do for one night for my husband to be happy.

We went on a mountain pass unlike anything I have experienced. In the middle of this, a sudden police stop. Okay then. Police man comes out wearing jeans, hoodie type top and displays his gun. Speaks awesome English and craps on us for not wearing safety belts. We rectify this at once. Here in the middle of mud huts and small kids running wild was the most sophisticated man we had seen so far.

On our way we went. We hit a rock pretty hard shortly after. Stopped but all seemed okay.

I took a pic of Noid at 3201m above sea level. Second highest pass in Southern Africa. The scenery is spectacular and you welcome to follow our trip on FaceBook in pictures. It was beautiful!!!!

We finally reached our destination after dark. We had chops and chicken, garlic bread and I had pumpkin.

I did leave goodnight easter eggs on our pillows, but did not eat mine. For the show en so.

Yes, I still owe you a Weigh-Less post. Is coming!

I am sure we were asleep by 9am! lol Old people!

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.” – Wayne Dyer

Oh there is also a sock project born yesterday while speaking to friends on Face Book! I would love for you to mail me socks for my birthday from all over South Africa and the world!!! Please? 51 days before my birthday!

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7 responses to “The Hills Are Alive Day #1”

  1. It’s sounding fabulous. I wonder when last Poena and I have gone away just the two of us.


  2. Sorry that your ADHDer managed to upset you so. I absolutely know where you are coming from. Glad your holiday is happening and I am loving the pics on FB.
    I am not sure about the sock thing but hope that you can provide more details on it when you have a gap. Of course I will post you some socks.xx


  3. Sounds lovely my friend 🙂 Stunning pic of Noid!

    ENJOY it!

    (thanks for bath time chats)


  4. nice second cloud on your left photos !


  5. I so also LOVE Clarens. Seems you’re having a great time 🙂 I will be visiting Lesotho soon as R is busy moving his factory there as well.

    Sorry about the drama before the moons of honey 😦


  6. I loved being up there with you.

    The place was not that rough hey!
    Spoilt rotten you are!

    Loves You!


  7. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful memories my Wench

    Love you


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