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The Hills Are Alive Day #2

We woke on the banks of Katse Dam. Our room was toasty, the rest of the house bloody cold! I made us coffee. You know those in the sachet type with Cremora? Yuck. I did not drink mine. Noid had cold garlic rolls from the night before and kindly gave me a chop for breakfast. We left and 9:30am.

Lesotho is a kingdom of mountains, little water falls and a people of asking. Poverty and the simplicity in which rural Lesotho live is harsh and makes one aware of how much you have.

Everyone asks you for something, money and sweets being the main items. As we drove for hours and hours we handed out sweets we have been collecting for weeks. The children’s laughter and joy is heart warming……wish my children got that excited over a sucker.

At Katse we were told the river is flooding and we couldn’t go the way we had planned and had to take a detour of nine hours. Fuck that, give us a raging river! We don’t have a 4X4 for niks! We drove forever and hit the river, which we actually crossed twice in the end at different places successfully.

The roads were proper 4X4 roads and shake, rattle and roll has nothing on Lesotho. The road was long but beautiful. There is no infrastructure for a small hotel, restaurant or toilet…. less likable.

We finally arrived at our destination, Sani Top at 6:30pm… its claim to fame being the highest pub in Africa. We had booked a beautiful chalet, lit a fire and it was awesome. Inside the pub it was warm, the food good and it was a lovely evening!

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5 responses to “The Hills Are Alive Day #2”

  1. Sounds awesome. Enjoy!


  2. I love your idea to hand out sweeties as you go!
    Also I LOVE tjose head massage thingies, pure bliss!


  3. you’re such special guys for taking sweeties for those children. Awww.


  4. What a drive it was!!

    10 Hours to cover roughly 220 km!

    Next time we will have to break that into 2 days and you will have to mega Google another spot on the way!


  5. Hello, I found your website from mixx. It’s not an article I would regularly read, but I loved your spin on it. Thank you for creating something worth reading!


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