The Hills Are Alive Day #4

A relaxing kinda, clear day where you can see forever!

After breakfast we visited the curio shop and met Giraffie! Ag, I fell in love at once and just there our giraffe child was born. Beautiful.

Noid decided to play golf today and I visited the spa quite unexpectedly. Having been to a few spa’s and beauty salons I love to see how each goes about business. The soft music was playing as I was shown to the ‘relaxation area’. A room with lounger type chairs overlooking the mountain with cold water if you wanted. It was rather relaxing I must say! The salon is tranquil and very professional.

I had booked a neck and back massage. Full body is a waste for me as my pain is more specific in those areas.

The therapist did not ask me a) what type of neck and shoulder massage I wanted, nor b) how hard or soft I wanted it. Grape seed oil was used and she did a Swedish massage on heated towels with really nice classical music. I think after physiotherapy I now expect pain from massage!

Besides this, the therapist was very interested in my tattoos and I really didn’t feel like talking! So, when I stopped she started making the quote true that tattooed people really do not care one bit why you are not tattooed!!!!

My next appointment was later in the day {as I fitted into appointments that had been cancelled} so I read the Oprah magazine next to the pool, listening to the people and their stories unfold around me, drinking my passion fruit and lemonade….. wondering how I got to lead this life.

My second session involved a full manicure, pedicure and eye brow clean up. I liked this therapist much better! She made me comfortable, did the manicure first, then the pedicure and had a proper discussion about where I want my eye brows going! She was so sweet saying she wishes I was a regular client of hers. I am sure I fell asleep during parts of the 90 min treatment was the beds were also warmed, I truly enjoyed this experience and thank my husband a million times over for spoiling me today while he played golf. It was tremendous.

When I got back to our room I see management had left us a bottle of wine and a letter of apology for having no hot water this morning. Nice touch I thought!

Wow! I wish I never have to go home…sadly this is our last night at Champagne Sports!

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