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The Hills Are Alive Day #8 {The End}

Not much of an update today. I had an exceptionally terrible night. Didn’t feel like doing the cha-cha. Had scrambled egg on toast and by 9h30 we were on the road!

We drove for three hours and were back in Jo’burg looking at curtains. We dropped all our bits for washing and went to buy curtains.

Moving is exceptionally expensive!!!! Thanks to husband.

We fetched keys and I insisted on moving my clothing.

Got home, went to fetch keys and show the kids the new house – they seem very happy and helpful, but not sure how much they will enjoy moving by Monday!

Continued packing, coloured my hair, Liam James and Victoria made a packet butternut soup, chicken and hash browns for supper, bless them!!!!…. and off to bed.

Exhausted. Excited for the move but petrified as to my physical ability.

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5 responses to “The Hills Are Alive Day #8 {The End}”

  1. Good luck for the move!!
    Delegate lady! DELEGATE!!


  2. I am also scared of the move over the next 3 Days.

    Lots to do but it will be over soon and we can enjoy our new spectacular home!!


  3. Baie sterkte met die groot trek!


  4. Moving sucks! But yay for living under one roof.


  5. I’m sure you’ll be very happy in your new home.


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