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Blogging from the Bath

I just liked this picture of darling daughter Victoria, so I added it. I love my BB Torch but it takes crap pictures! Daughter needs Afrikaans lessons badly for school. I feel crap that my daughter didn’t learn more from me.

Dear Kevin made it to the Top 10 for academics in matric {final year of school here in South Africa}. I am beyond thrilled! I got a nice letter from the school saying he is da bomb!

Liam James is fine. Usual. He has discovered a skate park near home…. He hair is black and longish combed in this Beatles type look.

I have added a Tranquil Body Treats tab at the top of the blog for ease of reference with the latest news. It will be changing every so often, so check it out every now and then. I still need to get a fair bit of orders in before I will reach target this month, so mail me some orders! Please.

I am trying out the Tranquil Body Treats Grapefruit range this month. Suppose to detox me, obviously I was feeling zen when I ordered. It can start with my head and work its way down as I have some serious issues and it gets bigger from there. I think my dear husband has given up and just let me be on the buying of Tranquil Body Treats….I do use them all at least….to the last drop!

My birthday sock project does not
appear to be going well, as I
have received no socks and there is like a month to go! Sad.

It is my appraisal at work tomorrow. I sincerely hope it is a fair assessment. I worked an 11 hour day today and I don’t think they get it at work, just how much time some things take!

Chemo drugs continue to make me feel naar. I have started carrying arnica oil with me for my neck. It is sore enough to start throwing them bones and visit a witch doctor, so arnica can’t hurt! Did contact my doctor today… I can’t feel crap now going into the 7th week all bloody day long!

My birthday picnic at the Zoo I am looking forward to it! I hope many of you can make it. Will be nice to do nothing with the giraffes.

Our new house is divine and I still send three hours a day in traffic and I find less and less. I love it more daily, the house …. Not the car! My car is starting to really pinch my nerves.

We put in a water feature this weekend. Very cool how domestic my husband and I can be. In small dosages off course. We, mostly Noid, I decorated the table threw a lovely Mothers Day lunch. It was so proper! Check pics on FB.

Counting down to some time alone with my husband after the move, when we leave on Monday for a short trip to where the water falls.

Okay I must wash my hair and pretend I am in a spa in our bath!

Lekker slaap!

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5 responses to “Blogging from the Bath”

  1. Well done Kevin!!!!


  2. I’m super jealous about the fact that you have a BlackBerry Torch. Me and hubby looked into them last week but it’s just too damn expensive. We are prepaid – no contracts means cellphones must be bought with cash 😦
    Happy that you’re son is flourishing in Matric. Well done to him.


  3. Well done Kev

    Hope you feel better sooner rather than later and cant wait to go to the smoke that thunders with you.



  4. What the hell! 3 hours in traffic, I would die, shame that sucks, you must constantly be exhausted, you need to change that situation around sometime, I know lots of ppl in Jhb face that everyday but that’s not life, thats wasting your life on the road. It takes me 10 to 12 minutes to get to work.

    That’s awesome about your son 🙂 top 10 is excellent!

    Your daughter is a mini you, cute pic.

    What type of socks do you want, what size shoe do you wear, where should people send them to?


  5. Well done Kev! Love the Victoria pic! My Bolds camera doesn’t work at all- never has- and I’m not willing to part with it for weeks whilst they try and work out what’s wrong.


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