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Two weeks in, we still have some unpacking to do but is minimal now and most of it belongs to me. Sorry! I need to sit down with bags of cosmetics, stationery, and party goodies and pack them up properly. I did do some yesterday and was exhausted.

I am fed up with pain and the frustration of simply being unable to do stuff. Lack of physical strength pisses me off and I feel like a burden. Like others will lead better lives without having to look after me. Liam James cut the end of the mielies {corn} for me last night, I simply couldn’t. I did three and my hand was shot. I am hating this crap!!!!!! …. but more than half way thru my pain trial so we almost there and I trust it will surprise me! Wow, I almost said something positive!

Besides this I resemble an elephant when I love giraffes. Had a conversation with my dear friend Mel who knows about anorexia and she told me you have to not eat or a bloody long time! Coffee and water. I did ask if I can change my coffee to a skinny decaf latte. Mel says that will be fine if I wanna be stupid and aim for anorexia. I did say in my quest I may allow 3 apples a day. Sounds balanced? Hahah. Hear that song in The Jungle Book playing as the sound track.. I wanna be like you whoO hoooo!

My anorexic quest will have to wait until after our week at the Victoria Falls. I would like to ride an elephant and go on a helicopter ride! We leaving tomorrow morning, US Dollars in hand to visit Zambia and Zimbabwe. Honeymoon #3. Malaria tablets taken.


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8 responses to “Blogging from bed”

  1. Oh my gosh – I am insanely jealous! Another honeymoon! Enjoy!


  2. Very African Princess 🙂 enjoy the trip. Am very jealous


  3. I so would love to see the Falls …. Ride on a Elephant. Ag sommer just enjoy it for me okay?


  4. *mwah* sterkte vriendin. Enjoy your trip Zambia is amazing, you are going to LOVE the falls!


  5. Oh wow Vic Falls!! I’m so jealous!!
    Hope the pain is shortlived


  6. Yippeeee!

    Cant wait to ride and Elephant with you.


  7. You two must enjoy the second honeymoon and take a lot of pics, okay?


  8. I cannot imagine the stress of a pain trial.


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