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The Thunder of Africa «Day 1»

Our THIRD Honeymoon.

Monday started like any other day. I did the school run. Jason took Noid and I to the airport from where we flew to Zambia. Flight was a little bumpy and landing not that smooth.

Arrived at a 29 degree Zambia at an airport Noid says is smaller than the George airport. Got in line, passports stamped, bags collected and fetched by Tompsons Tours who is our travel agent. Mike, the driver was fabulous, we did passport control in Zambia and again at Zimbabwe, all of which took about an hour.

Arriving in the town of Victoria Falls, elephants, Impala and monkeys roam freely. As in THIS is what I imagine Americans think South Africa looks like. These animals just walk…. freely.

We arrived at Elephant Hills Hotel where we are staying and was greeted with welcoming drinks, exceptionally friendly staff and a beautiful, huge, African style decorated hotel. Wow! I have never seen so many friendly staff in my life.

We met with a representative from the travel agent who worked out an itinerary covering as many things as we could in the time available while on the phone to finalise the transfer of my old house. Was weird saying we out the country, very windswept and exotic indeed!

We sat around, I tried to teach the staff how to make a coffee latte but did not win. I didn’t even approach the subject of skinny or decaf. Haha! It was fun.

We had dinner at the hotel which was most incredible! The service is wonderful. Truly. They really go out their way. So impressed I am.

By 10pm I was so tired I could hardly keep my eyes open….

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5 responses to “The Thunder of Africa «Day 1»”

  1. Oh enjoy! It is a fabulous hotel, I hear.


  2. Wow you’ve had more honeymoon’s that I’ve had holidays. Sounds exotic and wonderful


  3. Whee!! I’ve stayed there!! Long long time ago :))
    enjoy the trip!


  4. Lovely it was and the service…… like I said….I will be disappointed for the rest of my life in even good or excellent service in SA


  5. So was the coffee at least palatable? 😛


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