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The Thunder of Africa «Day 2»

Have you ever sat back and thought is THIS truly my life?

Breakfast was a great spread of everything you would expect at a fanTy hotel. Again, the service exceptional! Truly, I now understand why my friends who travel wildly says the service in South Africa is poor. It truly is lacking.

Thompsons have been fantastic. Our transfer arrived, each always sharing facts of the area, speak great English and friendly! My husband must be having a mid life crisis just before his 40th in July as he wanted to swing off things, jump of things and generally be all adrenalin seeking. He did three activities and I was amazed. I would never do any of that!!! Well done babe and thanks for not trading me in for two 18 year olds but rather jumping off cliffs!

We got back to the hotel, had a bit of a rest… I actually fell asleep until it was time for the activity I had selected, riding elephants. We were collected with a group of ladies from Canada and I thought of our friend Kirk lots.

The elephant ride was one of the most memorable of my life. Noid and I together, going with the motion of this huge animal in the bush with a guide with a gun should he need to save us, as all the big 5 roam the park. The highlight was spotting a giraffe. One lonely giraffe, just for me!!!! Noid took some proper pictures after we changed lenses on the back of the elephant.

The elephant walks at a leisurely pace, eats constantly and knows no toilet etiquette. I decided Noid may be an elephant. LOL This huge animal walks silently, you cannot hear a step while having feet that would end your life in seconds.

As we walked I realise that my love for Africa is deep routed and not just tied to the land of my birth. I have often explained to my overseas friends that Africa is not a place. It is a feeling. A hunger satisfied. A collective of contrasts and a harsh terrain with a wind that speaks of joy. I am African. I feel the earth dance under my feet with an abundance of the passion of living. I love Africa.

After riding we took some pics with the elephants, had eats, drinks and made our way back to our hotel.

Dinner was at The Victoria Falls Hotel. Wow! British colonial splendour at its best! The Hotel was built in 1901 and it is breathtakingly lavish and beautiful. Lady and Lord so and so you imagine as you wonder the halls. Spectacular.

There was a small concert of sorts with different dancers. Some costumes would scare the living crap out of me if I had to meet them at night!

The food looked better than it tasted we agreed. Salmon Noid found exceptional while I liked the chocolate mousse and the ox tail.

On our drive back to our Hotel we were met with elephants in the road. Ten pm and an elephants is kinda hard to spot but they are huge…..and didn’t mind making us wait as they slowly made their way to who knows where.

Sjoe. What a day!

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5 responses to “The Thunder of Africa «Day 2»”

  1. Sounds like it’s such an awesome awesome trip!
    You lucky lady 🙂


  2. Amazing! Sounds wonderful


  3. I always choose you and I love that you love Africa as much as me!


  4. I love reading about your travels and sad about your illness.

    I don’t visit here often enough.

    I will look for socks!


  5. Wow… I wanna ride an elephant too…


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