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The Thunder of Africa «Day 3»

I had breakfast with Noid who went to play golf after. No carts, so I walked with to the first t-off, and hurried to get back into the shade and out of the way of huge ants that bite!

I struggled with the walk back to the hotel and couldn’t believe this is the same body that did The Whale Trail, 50 odd km, almost two years ago. I was out of breath, my shoulders hurt and I felt like a big lump of fat rolling around life.

I cried when I got to the room. For the fitness I lost and weight I gained, for hating being sick and what and where it is touching my life. I throw a mean pity party!

I thought and cried about many things, people and situations…. good and bad. I am not defined by these things. I am bigger than THIS.

L’chaim. To life.


In the afternoon we went for a helicopter flip over Victoria Falls. It was gorgeous, beautiful and HUGE. We took lots of pictures with the proper camera between us. I truly enjoyed it.

There was a t-shirt I loved, but when you do the rand vs dollar thing in your head… Everything is soooo expensive!

When we got back to the hotel, we bought a mug, which I collect and had milkshake that tasted like….nothing. Not a high five on that one!!

Dinner was at one of those restaurants where they decorate your food. Good quality and weird combinations of things. Nothing stood out for me.

After dinner we went to the Casino…. I don’t gamble. I work hard for my money, but Noid played a little bit.

Exhausted me I am.

……. and then we locked ourselves out of our room with a bucket of ice. LOL

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4 responses to “The Thunder of Africa «Day 3»”

  1. LOL, I remember those massive ants!!
    That heli flip must’ve been awesome


  2. Hello again. Am back after 6 weeks of no wireless. Love reading your blog. Amazed at how you are so transparent and open with your feelings and what you are going through. I admire you for putting it all down on paper (firstly) and for letting us all read it (secondly). you are an amazing woman.

    Thrilled that you have had and awesome time mooning! love the pic of you and N on the ellie. YOu look beautiful.

    And now going to jump into a hot chocolate bubble bath – courtesy of you. thank you darl xx


  3. Was another awesome day and while your blog posts remind and put down the memories for posterity, they are such a small part of the amazing time and things we experience ….together.

    I Love You Wenchy!!


  4. I’m with you on the gambling!


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