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The Thunder of Africa «Day 4»

Lazy day as my berry ate my post!…. I just can’t write all again!

Morning we checked out the Falls. It is spectacularly awesome and wet! You can’t help but be amazed and the overwhelming force and power of the water.

In the afternoon we did a sunset cruise down the Zambezi river. Drinks and snacks galore, hippo, crocodile…. Very relaxing.

Dinner was at The Boma which is our Moyo’s in overdrive. We dressed up, got drawn on, dancing and a fortune bone throwing teller predicted quite fairly and accurately.

Apparently I think too much which Noid greatly enjoyed, my illness while making me weak will not kill me and my last child will be a daughter. He said we would have enough money, that Noid is strong mentally and physically and the husband would provide for me….hence I shall resign on Monday.


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