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While i am suppose to sleep, I blog…

I wish we were still in Zimbabwe. I think I fell in love with the smoke that thunders.

Our new kitchen actually has me cooking stuff. I would like a Kenwood Chef now please. I think I am ready!

I love that Laura’s c-section is scheduled for my birthday. Yay!!

I would love a get together with Mel and Jax and all our many attachments.

Today was a good day.

Noid saved the day today.

I went for my organ failure or hopefully function test today. No results yet.

Is sad when dislike but tolerate turns into hatred.

So thankful it is almost weekend.

Liam James fell off his bike hitting a massive stone and landing in a thorn bush. We waiting for the specialist to confirm if the growth plate in his heel is broken or not. If so, he needs a cast. Poor kid. He has scratches everywhere and is in pain. Noid was the one to take him to casualty. Thank you!!!

Trying so hard at work.

I think the colour you painted looks like mud.

I won “Distributor of the month” for Tranquil Body Treats, again!!! Yay!! I had a record month….. thanks to everyone who supported me.

No socks received yet. So sad.

Looking forward to my birthday picnic at the Zoo! The party packs are fabulous!!! Can’t wait to see my friends, has been so long. Fear nobody coming!? What’s up with that? I have a great time every year!….. And a giraffe cake this year!

I miss my Mom.

My car is quickly reaching the end of the line. Fast.

I love our new house, new neighbourhood…. Sigh. Love it.

Love my husband and kids… Huge gratitude.

Must sleep….. X

“Worry often gives a small thing a great shadow.” ~ Swedish Proverb

7 responses to “While i am suppose to sleep, I blog…”

  1. Sleep well 🙂
    Hope the results are good, and I’m glad you’re happy in your new home


  2. It seems baby Jack will arrive the 13th – really I have learnt to not argue with kids – much easier to just give them there way. It does mean I many deliver in Denmar since I am one hallucination away from insanity.


  3. Get some sleep ok?



  4. Love you so much.

    wish we were back in the spray and getting wet!

    BTW Did I mention I love you?


  5. Just popped a lil something in the post for you this morning.


  6. You sound happy overall with the new house, your family, party approaching …


  7. Okay, since I’m playing catch-up and reading backwards, I can say here that I am glad the function tests returned positive results. Strongs for the next lot of treatment.


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