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Review: Tranquil Body Treats ~ Oily Skin Clay Mask

As one does, in the middle of watching TV, I had a sudden urge for a bit of a clay mask. I had to have it at once.

Right, up until now I have been using the wee bottle of mask that Leigh-Ann makes that requires a good shake, or stir. No James Bond appears in your bathroom however. (For research purposes may I just mention I would choose the Sean Connory version if anyone ever did come up with such a product….)

Leigh-Ann is always looking to improve our products and did great research which I am sure took quite a bit of time and redesigned the mask into a powder form that the consumer, that would be me, then mixes with either milk or rose water. Smashing!

Being a tad common and Catholic on Fridays, I knew rose water was not holy water…thus stealing water from a church was out of the question (….and I only know one Catholic church in Germiston, forgive me Father, en so ….so distance is an issue), I had to settle on milk.

Distance being an issue, as mentioned, I chose the long life milk in our ‘hotel’… (A tea and coffee with kettle and cup station set up in our bedroom since the distance downstairs require a love of climbing stairs. A love I don’t love.).

Poor Leigh-Ann…all that time, effort and research and her dedicated distributor does not know what rose water is and does her thing with long life milk. Full cream mind you.

Okay, so I read the clear instructions on how to mix the mask and I am thinking to myself this isn’t for me.

I was all for the James Bond version of this product when a gorgeous aroma strikes me. Honestly have never smelled such a lovely smell in a clay mask. I don’t know what it is, but is fantastic… fresh.

I mix, mix in the same container I mix my hair colour in, thinking how frugal I am. Very unlike me my husband will confirm.

I give my face a proper coating because I made wayyy toooo much mistaking the size of my face with my ass.

Usually I would then subject my teenage children to my disasters be it burned food or clay masks in this instance but they are with their Dad, so my husband was the next best victim.

I immediately attacked him with left over clay mask and he protested bitterly and fought me off him as only a biltong loving, brandy drinking, testosterone South African man who stole one of my pink fluffy pair of socks I got for my birthday can. Eventually we laughed so much it could have been an odd kind of foreplay!

The mask was glorious. It smells divine, it made us laugh and it comes in a huge container making it, I think, one of our most cost effective products. I am very impressed!

As you will observe I tried to keep a very straight face for the picture to look professional and all, while the man in the hands you may recognise by his wedding ring as my husband. The mask appears as itself and is sold at R110 per large container.

Place your orders and do let me know if your container came with as much fun as mine!

6 responses to “Review: Tranquil Body Treats ~ Oily Skin Clay Mask”

  1. LOL u had me in stitches, I am thrilled that your’e enjoying our new mask. Glad it brought some extra laughter into the home too. Thank you x x x


  2. I love that when you write I can hear you talk :). I do need money. I must buy stuff. I want!!!


  3. Hmmmmm, that looks good.
    I would love to hear Noids review 😉
    Cant wait for next pay day, have an order to place 🙂


  4. RIMBLMAO….that was hysterical…I’m waiting to hear if Sean Connery showed up later with his martini shaken not stirred with a dash of pink bunnies…u have a wicked sense of humour!


  5. Whahahaha, I can just see the pictures in my head.

    Rene usually runs away when I get the tweezers out in order to prevent him becoming a plucking victim 😯


  6. LOL – I am laughing so much at this. 🙂


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