High flying adored (Gratitude 3/150)

I feel exceptionally grateful for many things today… I may not be all that high-flying (ha ha ha!), but I am certainly “adored“. Even it is only in Noid’s eyes. 🙂 I just feel hugely grateful for who I am, what I have and those around me who bring cheer and goodwill to my life.

  • I am thankful that I was able to give my mom a phone so she can talk on wassapp with me because we all know I hate speaking on the phone. Yes, even to my own mother. I must say her typing speed is increasing daily.
  • I am thankful I can hear and appreciate music although some would tell me country isn’t music. Up yours, with my regards. 🙂 I’ve got friends in low places.
  • I am thankful for all the socks I got for my birthday. I love choosing a pair and thinking who gave this to me. THANK YOU.
  • I am grateful for a spa bath and a home I love living in…. where I feel more secure, where our kids can ride bikes and go to the park… I am thankful for a hard-working husband who provides me and our kids with so many luxuries and necessities.
  • I am thankful that my first dance with Noid ever was to the “Time Warp“… and that in reality our song is “Dammit Janet!“…. is the only song we ever sing to each other… (so baby, we have a song after all!)
  • I am thankful that although I do not have medical savings left, I had enough money to pay R780 for my latest batch of medication for a sinus and chest infection I picked up straight after coming off chemo.
  • I am thankful that I have made a decision to not continue chemo after 12 dedicated weeks since it wasn’t doing anything. It is horrific and has given me a new understanding for individuals who experience life threatening illnesses. I will never think of illness the same again, and I am THANKFUL for the experience. I am richer for it, for I will now know just how tough and consuming such pain is and will be able to reach out and support others.
  • I am thankful that although I have been ill for what feels like forever, I have been able to work from home and I’m not behind. I love my job, I don’t want to lose it.
  • I am beyond thankful for the three professionals I work with, The Grim, Lady Simba and McBollywood (Yes, I gave my bosses these nicknames). They have been incredible in their support, understanding and encouragement…. I want to include others from work here, but I don’t have nicknames for them and not sure if they want public publicity, so I will just mention Trudy, QB and Jaxie 🙂 LOL Our new branch manager, our outgoing branch manager, generally just the messages I have received. I am touched and thankful more than you will ever know. I feel that I’ve made a difference in the lives of those around me and I’ve touched them somehow, as they have touched me. I am missed! Who knew? I honestly miss being in the office and the fun and laughter, hearing The Grim “sighing“…. *giggle*

The title to today’s entry is from which movie? You all just gonna give it a bit of google, so I will tell you… It’s from the movie “Evita” – sung by Madonna and gorgeous Antonio Banderas.

High flying, adored
So young, the instant queen
A rich beautiful thing, of all the talents
A cross between a fantasy of the bedroom and a saint
You were just a backstreet girl
Hustling and fighting, scratching and biting

High flying, adored
Did you believe in your wildest moments
All this would be yours
That you’d become the lady of them all?

Were there stars in your eyes
When you crawled in at night
From the bars, from the sidewalks
From the gutter theatrical
Don’t look down, it’s a long, long way to fall

High flying, adored
What happens now, where do you go from here?
For someone on top of the world
The view is not exactly clear
A shame you did it all at twenty-six
There are no mysteries now
Nothing can thrill you, no-one fulfill you

High flying, adored
I hope you come to terms with boredom
So famous so easily, so soon
It’s not the wisest thing to be

You won’t care if they love you
It’s been done before
You’ll despair if they hate you
You’ll be drained of all energy
All the young who’ve made it would agree

High flying, adored
That’s good to hear but unimportant
My story’s quite usual
Local girl makes good, weds famous man
I was stuck in the right place at the perfect time
Filled a gap, I was lucky
But one thing I’ll say for me
No one else can fill it like I can


* Picture credit:  Jeanette Verster


Author: WεηchƔ

In September 1997, “The Nocturnal Wenchy” started her blog. The blog remains painfully real but these days she is more of an intermittent Blogger! 😉

6 thoughts on “High flying adored (Gratitude 3/150)”

  1. I am glad that you love the socks! That you think of those who gave them to you. At least I know that you will feel like cinderella everytime you put mine on (hahaha).

    Yes you are missed at work. So dammit come back. I miss hearing your voice across the floor and everybody laughing around you … I cannot be the only loud one around!!

    I know that stopping the chemo was a huge decision and something you did not do lightly. However I do admire your determination and sticking to the treatment for 12 weeks. I know it was not easy!

    You know that I suck when it comes to leaving a comment and that I am better with my mouth than my fingers. So please come back to work … I really do miss you!!


  2. I think that it’s a brilliant idea doing a gratitude day every day – it is always good to remember what you have to be grateful for and not sit in misery. I have stuck this on to my computer and feel that it is just right for you:

    Hang on to hope,
    never stop fighting,
    dream about a better


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