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Photograpy (Gratitude 5/150)

I am thankful for the power of capturing the world and people around me with my camera.

I have been taking pictures since I was a child…. And as an adult the need to capture memories became even more intense.

Having been called the Queen of self portraits by many all over the globe, this remains a favourite of mine as nobody captures who I am or what my emotion is better than I do. An indulgent hobby.

I am thankful for friends like Jenty who share knowledge and build up those around them, knowing that sharing knowledge does not take from their talent.

Photography is self expression of how you view the world. It is freedom in the most raw.

I am lost without such direction of creativity…… and I am thankful I have it!

5 responses to “Photograpy (Gratitude 5/150)”

  1. Aww thanks :))
    I wish I could take selfy’s like you!!


  2. I am thankful that you capture our wonderful life together through your lens.

    Love the picture and YOU


  3. You do take the best self portraits.x


  4. I am 100% in agreement with you


  5. Jason once wrote a letter to me and thanked me for always taking photos of the important things. I thought that was so sweet


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