The Waltons (Gratitude 9/150)

The Waltons kids are all slowly arriving after time with their other parents.

Tonight we are only missing Liam James and Kyle….and off course I need to introduce baby Gaga to you which is the newest member of the clan. {Which I will leave till my next post}

I am thankful for the time I get to spend alone with Noid and I am thankful for the times our home overflows with the noise of children.

Divorce is a high price to pay, but it is special being able to devote time to just us….and then other periods when we devote our time to our children.

I am also thankful for underfloor heating, electric blankets and hot chocolate….. So many have so much less…. The Waltons are a fortunate bunch to all sleep warm at night, with enough food and an abundance of love.

PS. I am frustrated to once again be ill with a throat… I need immunity like in Survivor!



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