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Home is where you hang your hat (Gratitude 11/150)

This picture made me smile.

My cowboy hat and Kevin’s helmet for his scooter. Home really is where you hang your hat.

My old house sold quickly as we were not after the highest bidder, but desperate to move on with life. It is finally in the transfer stage after months of admin back and forth. I loved that house but I have come to realize more and more that home is where your heart is.

Today I am thankful for a new home, perfect for entertaining on a bigger scale, enough rooms for all our kids, a kitchen even I want to cook in and a sense of well being and contentment.

I love the parks in the estate with beautiful water streams, jungle gyms and trampolines. I love that the kids can ride their bikes and I love how we shook off our pasts and embraced something completely new!

I am thankful that I feel safer. I am thankful for many “nice to have’s” in my life, an abundance of love, light and hope. I am thankful for Noid who provides and I am thankful I can make my contribution.

I am thankful that finally we have a home to hang our hats ~ together!

Btw, I think Baby Gaga may be a tad bi-polar. What a proper kitten! 🙂

PS. I am not keeping up with a “post a day” but I promise to have 150 gratitude posts by our traditional Thanksgiving celebration, the last Sunday in November.

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6 responses to “Home is where you hang your hat (Gratitude 11/150)”

  1. I love my home also 🙂 Even when it looks like a Toys R Us warehouse.


  2. What a truly lovely post Wenchy 🙂 I too cant wait for that “new beginning” !


  3. Glad that you are happy in your new home 🙂


  4. I am so happy you are happy and that we have a home together.


  5. BTW

    Like the new format!!


  6. A new start is so awesome!


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