One thought on “me”

  1. My son also has Bipolar II with a Generalized Anxiety disorder (I think you and I had this conversation long ago.) He has been stable for a couple of weeks, tops, after several weeks of a mixed state that scared the hell out of both of us. New med, big med changes. Sigh. It’s been a hell of a year for us.

    Thank you for writing about your mental health status – I agree that it should have no more stigma than diabetes or asthma, or any other chronic illness. I love reading your site and knowing that you have this diagnosis. That gives me comfort and hope that my son can have a satisfying and successful life. You really are quite amazing. And have you lost even more weight?

    Again, I keep meaning to stop here, and you don’t show up in my Google reader. I’ve been busy caretaking and wish I stopped by more often.



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