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So, have you heard about the oyster who went to a disco and pulled a mussel? (Gratitude 17/150)

I have finally found something I can give the x-person, who is Scottish credit for. The x-person being my first ex-husband, not to be confused with my second ex-husband. I refer to my second ex-husband as Brian, well because, that’s his name… and then my current husband Noid. Keep up.

I am not the most politically correct Wench, so when the x-person introduced me to Billy Connolly I was well, that will do me!!…. I have a bit of a daft attitude towards what others think of me… and rather fond of the word fuck, so I was set for life.

One of the things I am very grateful for is humour and the comedy of Billy Connolly. I have CD’s of Billy in my car, I have clips on my cell phone… if there is anybody in the world I would like to have dinner with, with all due respect to Mr. Mandela whom I am very fond off, Billy’s beats the Pope and Mother Teresa hands down!

I’ve read Billy’s autobiography and of course the follow-up book and if you take where this man came from and where he ended up, I feel hope for every poor bloody soul in the world. This man made a success from being abused, poverty and looking at his life had no reason to live. Billy gives me hope besides laughing so hysterically that Kevin has asked me to pull over!

Billy has that accent I so love, the wild hair, the who gives a shit way of dressing and I am thankful for people like Billy Connolly who takes everyday sadness and turns it into something to laugh at, to make light out of horror…. okay look I did particularly enjoy the joke about the suicide bomber instructor who said… “well look here boys, I am only gonna show you this once…..”

I love you, Billy. There have been times in my life where you laughed with me to get me through the night so that I could see light because you have seen darkness too. With gratitude.

It’s the woman’s movement. Woman are demanding things. “Give me things! Do things to me! Do exotic things and plenty of them. Tonight, I think I’ll have multiple orgasms”. And I go fucking hell, what? What’s that? “Go for it my boy! Plenty of orgasms, I’ll tell you when to stop”. No sooner had we found the clitoris that we were in search of the g-spot. I don’t think you could find that with a wet suit and a divers helmet. I know gynaecologists that don’t believe in it. You see it’s difficult to be a man. I mean the mens movement in America is taking the country by storm. Right, people and all meeting, but you see films of the woman’s movement… “We want this! And that. We demand a share in that, and most of that, some of this and fucking all of that. Less of that, more of this and fucking plenty of this. And another thing we want it now. I want it yesterday and I want fucking more tomorrow. And the demands will all be checked then so fucking stay awake.”

4 responses to “So, have you heard about the oyster who went to a disco and pulled a mussel? (Gratitude 17/150)”

  1. We all nead to laugh


  2. I think the man is BRILLIANT!!


  3. Love me a bit of Connelly too, but I think the way you feel about him, is the way I feel about John Cleese.


  4. Billy is funny. That I agree


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