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Every end is a beginning. (Gratitude 18/150)

I had wondered for a long time when a relationship, or marriage was past it save by date.

The day came and had gone like any other, but as I sat in the lounge alone that night I knew this was the end of an 11 year relationship. I kept thinking that I did not want my sons to think this is what marriage was all about.

Kev was about to turn 4 and Liam James was a baby. It was one of the most difficult processes to go through that divorce, but standing outside the court room many months later, the most immense feeling of freedom, even joy!

I am grateful for the strength and courage to keep going during very hard times, the love of my little boys and my inner belief that we would be okay..and we are in abundance {with thanks to all who helped me raise the brothers and made our lives more meaningful in so many ways.}.

I wish you enough my sons and always remember I love you so.

Mom x

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9 responses to “Every end is a beginning. (Gratitude 18/150)”

  1. Now that’s a mother


  2. Your boys are lucky to have you.


  3. I can’t relate of what you went through but what I can say is that if someone feels immense freedom and joy from something like divorce, then surely you made the right decision in ending it. I am glad that it worked out for you and your children.


  4. You are a very brave woman……much loves to you.


  5. It was so the right decision.


  6. I agree with blackhuff. I had the same feeling when I walked out of divorce court 13 years ago. I never looked back. Whenever I see him, all I can think is … Thank goodness I don’t live with you anymore!!


  7. Divorce is something I would not wish on anyone, especially if there are children involved.
    I know that mine tore me apart and still does.
    Children are the best part of life and every child comes with his/her own angels. Sometimes they are the ones that heal the parents without even knowing it.

    Billy on the other hand is like that little pervert that follows you around with a bag of diced carrots everytime you leave the pub and puke.(Sure you have heard that one) he is one in a million and you are right, just the accent makes you laugh. I can’t listen to any Scotsman without a smaile on my face thanks to Mr Connely.


  8. I think teaching your children how to make sense of relationships is very important.


  9. “I kept thinking that I did not want my sons to think this is what marriage was all about”.

    LOVE this sentence. IT says absolutely EVERYTHING.


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