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Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage. (Gratitude 20/150)

As most of you know and those who don’t know suspect, I have bipolar disorder. I am not bipolar as bipolar is a not a race and I do not suffer from bipolar disorder. As Billy Connolly says about comedy, I feel similarly about bipolar disorder… it is something that has helped me, but also something that has hindered me.

I read this today (I dont know who the author is) “Just because I could achieve my tasks yesterday, please do not assume that I will be able to do it tomorrow.” – it truly reflects what it is like to be a person living a life of colour, darkest black and rainbow delights. They should make an ice cream like that. 🙂

I am grateful. Always did love an ice cream cone.


1.Thou shalt not blame everything on chemical imbalance.
2.Thou shalt avoid high places and sharp objects when on either extreme of the
mood spectrum.
3.Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s shiny trinkets.
4.Thou shalt not trust any shrink who writes thee up a prescription after the first 15 minutes.
5.Thou shalt not beat up anyone while on a manic fit, no matter how much ye really want to,
or how much they deserve it.
6.Thou shalt indulge in immaturity whenever the urge strikes thee.
7.Thou shalt not break stuff that does not belong to thee.
8.Thou shalt go to bed only when ye feel tired.
9.Thou shalt allow others to occasionally get a word in edgewise.
10.Thou shalt not send people crazy e-mails at odd hours of the night.

7 responses to “Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage. (Gratitude 20/150)”

  1. 10.Thou shalt not send people crazy e-mails at odd hours of the night.

    I need to repeat this one to myself 25 times … you must see what I leave on forums, and then read the next morning and die a little ….. but I then can’t bring myself to “delete” the comment or statement.

    I also have decided to hide my phone from myself after a certain time – something about wine + sleeping pills + texting goes down a lead balloon!


  2. These ten commandments are something that I would consider giving to people who don’t have a Bipolar disorder.
    I am one of these people,

    Love you Wenchy


  3. I totally agree with Greg here, those should be for everybody, not just for us semi- to very bipolar…
    Love you and this blog of yours!


  4. Thou Shalt sleep normal hours?

    How does that one fit in?


  5. I especially like #6.


  6. Love this. Love you.xx


  7. Thank you for this.


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