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Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. (Gratitude 22/150)

My friend Fiona, had nominated me for a prize – and I won?!!!! Here is her dedication to me, that had me in tears and filled with gratitude and love for someone whom I think is also most worthy of praise for all she does on a daily basis for Greg and her boys.

This is about Christel-Michel Kruger or fondly known as The Nocturnal (she needs to get sleep) Wenchy. She is a daily inspiration to me and a confidant on all days good and bad.
Christel has a bone illness, Ankylosing spondylitis which causes her a lot of pain and daily battles to get her body to function normally. She has recently undergone chemo to assist and as she says this illness “causes me …to be great friends with anti-inflammatory drugs and bleeding ulcers”
Despite the pain she goes through she still remains optimistic, fairy believer, loving wife to Dion & mom (Kevin (17), Liam (15) and Victoria (11) and step-mom to Nic (20), Douglas (11) and Jenna-Lee (8) & adopted son Kyle (18)
Christel also struggles with various other tormenting issues (many from her younger days) but mostly with one of her sons who suffers from severe ADHD as well as her own inner bi-polar II struggles and through all this she still makes us laugh with her jokes (but we know she hurts deeply and I who understand her daily struggles as I too share the darkness), she helps me with her will to still be optimistic and carry on.
I think Wenchy needs just to be thanked (even though friends don’t say thank you) for all she does for her family & friends and even the occasional stray (I’m still awaiting for her to approve my adoption papers LOL)..she is totally FANTY!!!!
I did laugh at the word fanTy! 🙂 Love friends who listen and understand me. Thanks Fiona!! A while later I received this response:
We have chosen our next family to be treated to a special and memorable picnic.
Christel-Michel Kruger is an inspiration and example to us all. She selflessly gives and supports her family and others while faced with a painful bone disease and many other challenges. We look forward to treating her family to a Dial-a-Picnic Memorable Picnic experience!
Wow – how to humble me down to my socks you all got me for my birthday. I am filled with gratitude for friendships like Fiona’s that are true and doesn’t leave me. I am grateful that she and others see me as optimistic, I do try to be as I can be but I am no superwoman at all, I am thankful that our kids and Noid can enjoy a new experience, I mean a catered picnic!!! How fanTy is that! 🙂 Yay!!!!!
Thank you to Fi, and also to the sponsor for making my life so much richer and encouraging me to not give up when the darkness comes and just for feeling spoiled. 🙂
I wish you enough,
Wow – wordless Wenchy

3 responses to “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. (Gratitude 22/150)”

  1. Ag yummy – hope you enjoy it 🙂


  2. So true! Love your blog, Wenchy and I love your comment on coming to your blog without a comment is like coming to your house, drinking your coffee and not greeting you! I love that.


  3. Ah…you absolutely deserve this.x


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