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120 Days (Gratitude 25/150)


As you should know, I’ve been ill for some time now. My employer has been fantastic – supportive, loving, graceful and understanding.

In the weeks to come I am to find a pain management system that works for me, mild exercise that I can cope with, loose 15kgs by the end of the year is my goal to help my joints cope in carrying me around, and get to a place where emotionally, mentally and physically I am once more a productive, well-rounded person (woman, wife, mother, friend and employee) but just LESS ROUND.  It is my wish to return to work, if at all possible, if not, there must be another purpose  in life for me.

So now and then I will give you an update as to how I am doing during the next 120 days. 🙂

1 September 2011 – Day 1


Today I had no carbs and no sugar. I did have the low-fat etc yoghurt and I don’t like yoghurt to be truthful, fruit, a chicken breast and vegetables for dinner. 2 liters of water and a cup of rooibos tea with sweetener (an acquired taste I don’t love) with little milk. Massive headache. This process is harder than I recall when I was training for the Whale Trail and worked so hard to lose weight, gain strength and fitness. Good mobility today, body not stiff when I woke up. Pain , beside headache, manageable with necessary medication.  A good day.

2 September 2011 – Day 2:

I did good with fruit & yoghurt. Didn’t drink all my water, but didn’t do badly. Exhausted. Headache, but better than yesterday. Over did it with pork sosaties for shabbas, basic green salad with haloomi and mushroom. Not all that diet perfect but better than I have been doing in the past months.

3 September 2011 – Day 3:

Yoghurt and fruit… fruit… fruit… water (but not enough). Had to go to the shop and although I was out an hour, I felt finished, tired. It was horrible at the shops, hundreds of things I saw that I wanted to eat…. really, really, really hard not buying just a small something. I guess I should feel proud of me for that. Planning on tuna salad for supper. Hips most painful today and I think I am getting a sinus something.

  • Poor Noid is man down with tight chest, flue type symptoms – must be bad if he saw a doctor.
  • I owe you a post about our picnic surprise.
  • I also need to blog about my brand new car… Thousands of Yay!!!
  • I am finding not being allowed on to work FRUSTRATING.
  • I have a pile of magazines and books next to my bed I wanna read.
  • Our house is just wonderful. I love it… but I haven’t found a place to put the medicine’s yet, as you know I am a walking pharmacy.
  • I am almost done setting up my home PC Noid bought me for my birthday as my primary PC…. struggling a bit to get my mweb calendar to speak to my Black Berry.
  • I already bought my diary for next year. It’s small and has quotes.
  • I read a quote today that made me long to be in the Drakensberg: “Great things are done when men and mountains meet. This is not done by jostling in the street.” – William Blake

I wish you enough,


13 responses to “120 Days (Gratitude 25/150)”

  1. Good for you that you have done something positive for your body, even though it doesn’t want to work with you. Keep up the willpower! The cravings will fade.

    Lots of love, hugs & kisses!


  2. Yay! On the new wheels. A toast to your determination-klink! Thumbs up to a speedy recovery (and to Sir Noid) Smile on your pharmacy (nice to know local pharmacy is open) and major hugs for YOU and to Mr K…and sunshine to your surprise glad you guys enjoyed mwah xxx


  3. You already have a plan to work, so that’s half the battle won! That’s what like about Wenchy … she never gives up. You going to win at this one, too!!!

    Looking forward to the end of 120 days.


  4. I’m rooting for you! Keep up the fight and know that you are in my toughts. Live is not about finding yourself; live is about creating yourself – Bernard Shaw. So you go girl and you follow your path and create yourself. Good luck. Blessing Doline.


  5. You did great by not buying anything “sma;;” at the shops. Well done.
    I believe that you will be able to lose the 15kgs by end of this year. The way you work now with your diet, will ensure that.
    I do keep in mind that the headache can be of your illness but it can also be or your body getting rid of the toxins, now that you are eating more healthy. But no need for me to say that to you as you know this – you have been here before. Unlike the last time, I believe this time you will succeed in getting to your goal and staying there until the day you die. Your motivation and mind is in the right place this time. I’ll be here cheering you on all the way.


  6. Thinking of you sweetness!
    If not through this time, then over, under or around it, but to the other side you will go.


  7. AWESOME about the car (about time :))

    Well done on the dieting – I am also trying to shed my baby fat and also battle to go to the shops and not buy sweets or chips or something to snack on in the car!


  8. Strongs my love….Very proud of you for trying in these trying times.

    Love you and you know I will do as much as I can to support.

    Loves You


  9. Looking forward to progress photos, be careful about consuming too much fruit as it can be fattening coz its high in sugar, rather eat more vegetables than fruit, and low fat yoghurt is higher in sugar to make up for the flavour lost from being low fat…. so just something to look out for.

    I read somewhere once that each kg you’re overweight is like 10kg more pressure on your knee joints, or something like that heh. So its really important, I’m trying to get my dog with arthrities to lose some weight as it makes a big difference.

    So cool about the new car, lucky you 🙂

    Good luck with the weight loss, remember losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise, and I have found its easy to be slim without any exercise if your food consumption is correct. So excited to see how you look in a few months!


  10. Just remember Wenchy, a good friend will bail you out of jail but a true friend will be sitting next to you asking how can we get out of this.

    You are a strong woman and have been through much worse. Your belief will not only give you the strength and the courage to get up in the morning and see the sunrise but will also show you the way to do it easily.

    You are a very special woman and this, you should remember at all times. Without you, many people would have a different outlook on life.


  11. Oh sweetie – I really hope you get better. As I have just been diagnosed with high cholestrol it is going to be me and you and the chicken breasts.


  12. You sound determined and focussed and that is so good to hear!
    * big hug *


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