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The final Honeymoon of our first year of marriage Day 1 (Gratitude 27/150)

My husband told me about a week ago that he has two days leave and to find somewhere to go that is not too far to drive and reasonably priced. I suggested Mpumalanga as we have not been there together, but he said is to far and my pain is unpredictable.

Then I thought about Sparkling Waters. I have been coming here since Kev was little, but Noid and I came here for a weekend two weeks after our relationship started. It was a suitably dirty, sexy weekend {Yay!!}, we drank too much {I sweated out the alcohol the following morning in the steam room hahhahaha} and lay on the ground looking at the stars with strangers we met in the pub, so a winner weekend all round as far as wanting to feel alive goes!

Fast forward, «almost» four years and so much has happened. Good, wonderful things and not so desirable bits had swept over our paths …The Waltons were born, we eloped after breaking up, we lost friends, gained new ones, we survived living separately for eight months and flourished once relocated and reunited as a blended family… only to find new challenges awaiting us.

Me wanting a cat {huge surprise as I am very scared of animals} and me being diagnosed with AS after many tests, creating havoc with our vision of our future both financially and my personal worth as a professional member of a team. {How one defines oneself is currently a leading topic of self discovery inside me head.}

Anyhow, with our first wedding anniversary a week away, I booked our accommodation and arranged a room scattered with rose petals, champagne and orange juice, a drink I love! …not sure my medication is going to allow much, but just for today….

This has been a good week pain wise. One particularly crappy painful day, but the rest have been manageable. There was one day I slept from 8pm. I get tired easily.

We arrived after 3pm and I think Noid was suitably surprised with a room with rose petals everywhere. We unpacked, read, threw rose petals around. Buffet dinner, very nice and we sat watching a Neil Diamond concert were I was draped over the coach as my hip bones were now sore. Had a hot bath, took pain meds, and kept waking up..

So far this morning my usual pain is alive with pain and stiffness. Will take it easy today.

xxx Wenchy xxx

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4 responses to “The final Honeymoon of our first year of marriage Day 1 (Gratitude 27/150)”

  1. I am glad that you got to get away, even if it was just for 2 days. I wish you both the most happiness, love & laughter for the next 100 years of your marriage. Congratulations on your 1st anniversary.

    Wenchy, I hope your pain & stiffness go away & that on your next trip together you get to spend the whole time in “the steam room” 🙂

    Much love & hugs!


  2. You are soooo close to us 🙂 Hope you enjoy every second!


  3. The rose petals in the room were awesome thanks Love.

    It was really awesome to get away.

    Love You


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