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The final Honeymoon of our first year of marriage Day 2 (Gratitude 28/150)

Cherishing every moment alone with Noid. I do love him so lots.

We had a typical hotel style breakfast today while reading matching newspapers. Made me think we look very colonial English! 🙂

I spent the day lying on a fanTy bench in the spa drinking water, while my husband made his way to Pecanwood for some golf. He did ask me to join him and his friends, but instead I had a lymph drainage massage and a pamper pedicure with hot wax and a good book {on recommendation of my NEW friend, Natasha I am reading “The Whisperer” by Donato Carrisi” which I am enjoying very much}.

I really love the hot wax bit and although the lymph drainage massage was sore in places it wasn’t close to what I was imagining! The therapist worked on two major knots down my spine OUCH and I could actually feel them go. She had to skip my right hand as that joint is simply too sore to massage. Yes, the headache was immediate so I take it I was full of toxins.

It was a most relaxing day with humour provided by Liam James who stayed over at Jax’s last night {he thinks Jax is hot!}. I spoke to Liam James on the phone and he gave me the run down.

Since Connor (9) is just a baby Liam James (15) {both have ADHD, classic text book behavior, both are bonkers, Connor just likes glitter more!}, I told Jax to feel free to drug the kids randomly or sell to passing gypsy’s.

Apparently Connor woke Liam James during the night and asked Liam James if he woke up because of a nightmare…. to which Liam James replied “Connor, you are the nightmare.” Jax and I laughed lots!

Liam James also apologised to me for “being a Connor when he was small”. I laughed and wondered when his apology for the crap he gets up to now will come! LOL He also said “poor Jaxie” who still has many years till Con is big.

He also told me that Jax’s Dad only pretends to be a grumpy old man but he is actually a cuddly bear. Hahahah I have known Jax ten years and her Dad is yet to recognise or greet me. LOL

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5 responses to “The final Honeymoon of our first year of marriage Day 2 (Gratitude 28/150)”

  1. Gotta love Liam! He is so funny! I always said he has a good heart, even if he gets up to all sorts of mischief! I love kids & to see them come up with things like Liam does, just makes me love them more!

    I am SO glad that I got to meet all of the Walton’s! You are all a very special part of my life! Even if I don’t get to see you that often!

    Lots of love & hugs!


  2. You are sounding good…


  3. I am so glad you had a great time:-) You deserve all the pampering you can get after all you’ve been through…….


  4. Glad you enjoyed the massage and felt OK afterwards.

    Liam is always good for a laugh!!


  5. I am glad that you had such a fantastic time with Noid at the Spa getaway place. Heaven, I am sure.
    I laughed at the saying your son, Liam James made about Connor. Where he apologized for being like Connor when he was younger. So sweet.


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