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The final Honeymoon of our first year of marriage Day 3 (Gratitude 29/150)

Sjoe. Day 3 is a total blur!

We had breakfast in the pub with our Sprinbok shirts on like everyone around us to watch the early morning match and eat.

The aim for the day was to get my favourite therapist, Sophie to give my dear husband a pedicure. It was a battle let me tell you. He didn’t want any of it, but in the end I think he did enjoy it!

I had one treatment, a manicure scheduled for very late afternoon so I lay in one spot in the spa reading, drinking mostly water, having lunch, swam with Noid and sat in the steam room with him…… I also slept!

He watched rugby, lay on the sundeck, steamed and swam and I knew nothing of it…. I slept until my treatment!

We had supper which was yum….. and returning to the room I was in agony, my stomach was in such pain! I had eno’s, ulsanic, prescription meds for my ulcer, citrosoda, bloody anything I could think off and the pain stayed. Not fun….. I did not sleep well and continued taking medication throughout the night. If you can overdose on eno’s and the like, I must have. It was a HORRIBLE night. Yuck!

In the morning I felt tender on the stomach, but hugely better than the night before! Yay!! for that.

I am so grateful I pack a mean medicine case. Prescription mostly! 🙂

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2 responses to “The final Honeymoon of our first year of marriage Day 3 (Gratitude 29/150)”

  1. The Pedi was OK. Such proper feet I have now….

    Sorry your tummy was sore!


  2. Kosta was much the same about pedi’s! Now he books his own! Haha! Enjoy your proper feet Noid. Sorry about your stomach pains. I wish it would all go away for good.



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