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The final Honeymoon of our first year of marriage Day 4 final (Gratitude 30/150)

Day 4… and the end of pamper Princess is in sight.

After breakfast I went for my final treatment, reflexology. It was like having your health read via your feet. I stuck with the same therapist and she was amazing. She immediately picked up on my spinal issues, my neck that I cannot hold up for hours on end, she told me about my digestive system not being proper and a host of other bits. I found it highly amusing and informative.

I was just back in my usual resting spot with my book when Noid’s parents arrived round 12pm. We had invited them to join us for the carvery lunch. The food was really lovely and it was totally relaxing. We drank tea and chatted under the trees until we said goodbye.

Noid and I packed up and arrived home round 7pm. A wonderful long weekend it had been!

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5 responses to “The final Honeymoon of our first year of marriage Day 4 final (Gratitude 30/150)”

  1. I’m always sceptical when it comes to reflexology & the like…so I generally tend to stay away. But I have been once & I probably was just as amused as you.

    Have a nice day!


  2. Reflexology is my absolute best. I LOVE it… and they always pick up on issues without me mentioning a thing…


  3. What a nice weekend it was


  4. Hi where are you? I am desperately looking for you!!


  5. Very wisely good luck


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