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Learning (Gratitude 31/150)

Minutes flows into hours, hours become days and soon weeks have passed.

It is an odd place living in limbo. I am on sick leave with few answers past the immediate. Leaves me stranded in making plans for the future, not that I have plans to make, places to go or many people to see. Well, certainly not in the immediate!

I have always enjoyed the thought of looking forward to something, having a plan, a target. Targets is what keeps the bi polar me more focussed. Right now I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and the happiness it brings me every year. I need something to look forward to like a drug. Most bipolar people I speak to feel similarly. You need to keep seeing a future and life abundantly. Is hard being mentally disturbed you know :p LOL

« Some random bits »

  • Noid and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary which fell on Heritage day this past weekend with friends and family. All the Waltons kids were with us, except Nic who is writing exams at varsity.
  • It all turned out well although some things I had planned I forgot all about and they never happened
  • We had losa cupcakes made by my friend Jax which disappeared in seconds, a huge ice cream cake from trustworthy Bassetts in good old Germiston with a wedding picture. Noid’s Mom made krummelpap for the braai which was so good – I ate kerummelpap for the first time in my life! My fabulous, glitter friend, Will {every girl needs a gay friend as an accessory! :p } made his by now famous biscuits with our original tattoo that Noid and I share on them, and smiley heart faces for the kids. All delicious, fun and fabulous! I love our new home which makes entertaining so effortless.
  • Kathy Raven and dear Graeme played the blues and oh my soul, the beauty of Kathy’s voice!…and Graeme very clearly an accomplished musician.
  • Kev later joined in and played guitar and much to my surprise played and sang Mr Jones all by himself. I was so incredibly proud!!! My liewe sussie, Rentia also sang awesome and it was home grown beautiful.
  • By evening I could not move but I had a really fabulous time!
  • We now have two kittens, Lady Cayte is 16 weeks and Countessa Gina is 8 weeks. I can’t believe I became a cat lady! I am driving my husband nuts with matching bowls, injections and the likes. Good thing we never had a baby.
  • Liam James has started at a new school. Still private, still tiny classes, still expensive but a teaching method he appears to respond better to.
  • I started a round of 24 weeks of chemo yesterday. No bomiting, but extreme fatigue so far. Let’s see how next week go.
  • Because of the steroids also being used, my doctor told me I can forget about losing weight in the next 24 weeks, when I once again requested that I would like to look thin and gaunt. They seriously think I am joking. I am not! {In reality gaining or not loosing weight scares me like a midnight axe murder nightmare. Am already so down right attractive you know….. Sigh}
  • Kev has finished prelims and has his matric dance this weekend.
  • The kids are on a short week long holiday so we have them for a long weekend and their other parents have them for a long weekend. I am so happy because I have to drop and fetch and sometimes I am in pain and is bloody sore to push the clutch in. Generally small things that hurt that add up to a big thing!
  • I have been loving my new car!!! Oh is awesome. Now people can swear at me by name in traffic! Hahahhaa! Every time I see the car with it is cute number plate I smile! ….even giggle.
  • Our housekeeper, Elisa has not been herself lately and eventually when we confronted her, she wanted to go back home. Then she changed her mind but her performance has been less than satisfactory so a hunting for a new housekeeper we have gone. New lady starting on Monday, hopefully she is a keeper. I don’t like change.
  • My neck pain is driving me insane.
  • I love these vitamin waters! Expensive but oh so fabulous.
  • I am happy rugby world cup fever did make it to South Africa, although not as big as the soccer world cup. I am loving my bokke shirts, but I did buy an All Blacks shirt for when they play cause black is slimming, the haka is orgasmic and the tattoos is a huge plus.
  • I would like a new tattoo on my left foot…. Ivy and yellow roses, an elaboration on what is already there.
  • I had another horrific month with Tranquil Body Treats just not selling. It is such an awesome product!
  • If you into crime novels do read “The Whisperer” by Donato Carrisi. I couldn’t put it down! Really fantastic.
  • Currently reading James Patterson’s “Now you see her” which I am also enjoying.

    Okay then, all I can think of for now….

    I wish you enough,

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  • 12 responses to “Learning (Gratitude 31/150)”

    1. The braai was awesome. Thanks for your hard work.
      Thanks for being you and remember we all love and support you through you illneSs and pain.


    2. Glad you love the books!!


    3. Without some sort of plan, no matter how far fetched, I fall apart. So when I can’t make real plans, I plan things like commandeering a ship at the Durban harbour and sailing away to Tortuga like Captain Jack, or building a rocket in my back yard so I can colonise the moon. Hope you find something to lift the limbo blues soon,


    4. Oh sweetie, just know that you are beautiful! Even if you do not feel it. All the best for the chemo.


    5. You had to eventually start becoming some sort of animal lover. Victoria can’t carry on keeping snails. I made Melissa take hers back to the garden. I hope you aren’t in too much pain and don’t feel too bad after the Chemo. You are always in my heart and when I think of what you are going through makes me feel so sad:-(


    6. Plans and goals are my first last and middle name right now!!!!!

      Really its all thats keeping me on track!!!


    7. You both look so happy in yer Bokke shirts!


    8. I’m so sorry to read that you won’t be able to lose any weight for the next 24 weeks while on meds and chemo. I know that you so desperately wanted to lose weight and even started eating very good.
      I have never drank those vitamin waters before. Sugar is the thing that makes me not come near them.
      I am happy for you, that you love your new car and number plate. I also like the idea that people are able to swear at someone in the traffic by name – I should get one 🙂
      I am happy that you two can afford private schools for your sons – me and hubby have looked into them last year for our ADHD son but they are just too expensive. Pay that and we don’t have food in the home. So now we do everything in our power to work together with the teachers in the public school. Struggle is an understatement.


    9. 24 weeks of chemo! yikes! thats practically half a year, I really feel for you 😦 hopefully it whizzes by.

      Be careful with the vitamin water, it’s high in sugar and you dont actually get any benefit from the vitamins. If you would like to lose some weight 2 really easy things to do are: drink a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar every day, mixed in a bottle of water, and instead of using sugar in your coffee/tea use xylitol granules which actually taste nice and are healthy. Apple cider vinegar is so good for so many things, it lowers cholestrol, lowers blood pressure, helps with gout, it makes the body more alkaline and more healthy, and so many other things. I’m 49kg right now and trying to put on weight but it isnt working, I think its coz I drink the ACV and started using xylitol (and stress), I am going to change to 1 teaspoon sugar with 1 teaspoon xylitol and see if that helps me. But yeah, I think those are two easy things you can do and it will only make you healthier!


    10. Hey Wenchy,
      Please would you send me some of your positive attitude. You really amaze me with all that is going on in finnding the “brighter” side of life.


    11. Thinking of you hun. Wishing you improved health and happiness.


    12. Sorry to hear about your chemo. Reading your random list makes me tired. I don’t know how you do it! Amazing attitude to life, Wenchy.



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