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Never doubt how I feel about you. [34 |150]

Today was not great fun illness wise and I can’t say I remotely loved it, but it I over now.

A moment ago I read that my uncle [my Mom’s only brother, in his early 50’s] is not doing well due to a health condition with his heart. His wife died about two years ago now and he had 3 kids.

As you know, I grew up with my grandparents [my Mom’s parents]. My uncle was in the air force and on the nights he came home, I would force myself to stay awake to see him. I absolutely adored him. He would bring me a sweet, give me a paper money and bought me my first ever bottle of “Lace” perfume.

I have always loved him from my soul. He took me to the circus once in primary school. I never forget kindness and “spook asem”. He mourned by father dying without holding back.. He is real.

He is unconventional, never followed the straight and narrow, is fascinating, intelligent, tremendously funny, beautifully handsome, has lived a tough life and although he has often done the wrong thing, alienating family ~ he has always loved me and I have never stopped being a small girl waiting for him to come home in his fanTy uniform .

I cry for you and the sky cried for you……

Vir die min sien, maar die baie liefde. Die baie lewens lesse wat Toy my geleer het. Dat ek altyd goed genoeg is. Dat die lewe kort is en dat my pa vir my baie lief was en dat my Oom Thinking of you enigeiets vir my sou doen.

Baie lief vir jou Toy, moenie vergeet nie.

Stel xxx

8 responses to “Never doubt how I feel about you. [34 |150]”

  1. Onthou jy toe spookasem nog op stokies was? Nou is dit als in plastiek sakkies. Niemand kan ooit rerig `n ander se hartseer verstaan nie. Ek dink aan jou in hierdie tye het baie aan jou gedink vandag. Mag jou oggend net vol sonskyn en liefde wees. Ek wens jou `n giggel geel sonskyn dag!


  2. Very sad news indeed. We will keep him in our thoughts & prayers.


  3. This post has me in tears.


  4. Hope he recovers soon


  5. Hartseer ne (hugs).


  6. *Hugs*.xx


  7. Okay, this is craaaa-zeeee! You really really need to blog now, I’m beginning to get withdrawal symptoms!
    Hope you’re feeling alright…



  8. You have such a way with words “beautiful”, hope he recovers soon.


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