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Notes from my bedroom. Top floor.

Hello darlings,

  • I have zero energy today.
  • I don’t quite know what to do with myself.
  • I am sore in random places and uncomfortable. I can’t find a comfortable spot. My mother in law suggested it is a circulation issue. Makes sense.
  • My hair needs colouring desperately. I want black hair and purple highlights. That will be so me!
  • I have two new tattoos, bringing the total to 20. I have had the kids names tattooed around my ying yang on my left wrist and a baby version of Jax’s new tattoo on my right wrist between the words “hope” and “L’chaim”. I love them both.
  • I have a new kind of pain in my middle finger, left hand.
  • I did put a mask on my oily face. I look 14 today. Pimples everywhere.
  • Kevin and I are going on a date next week to see Kev’s favourite British comedian, Jimmy Carr. We both like stand up comedy as oppose to lying down comics.
  • I hope to have cocktails before the show with my legal son {with my husbands blessing who did not want to join us}.
  • I am anxious. No idea why. That’s how I roll.
  • Need clothes to cover my ever increasing ass.
  • My blog keeps getting hijacked by people promising us all we going to be rich and they know how to make random penis bits larger. Good luck tiger.
  • I can’t seem to focus today.
  • I asked my very generous husband for a small in size but big in kick ass delivery camera for Christmas. One that fits in my bag.
  • We do not have any children for Christmas this year. Secretly I prefer it…. I am not good at Christmas anymore and singing….“and a partridge in a pear tree”…so I think the kids get a better deal with their other parents. I find the entire affair pressurised to be fantastic and I can’t guarantee fantastic.
  • New Year…. Like Halloween is more my scene. Open for interpretation.
  • Every now and then I find myself gasp that two of my children will be going to board and lodge with their other biological parent.
  • I must have felt brave the day I made that decision or agreed with the proposals. Brave heart has disappeared into the meadows now. Asshole.
  • I had a “home visit” from our company Healthcare department this week. Two very pretty and competent looking ladies, who made me wish I was at work, came to complete some more forms with regard to my illness and see how sick I am, I suppose. They were very professional and I did a “play therapy” for adults session as part of their visit. I am glad it is over. You know I hate doing actions. Another reason I didn’t last at Sunday school.
  • A lovely side effect of my meds is weight gain. We not talking gram here and there. I am talking more than a couple kg’s a week!
  • When I see the specialist, who charges a very special price and has a foreign accent in January, I shall mention this, as soon I will be a rolling ball of personality, not knowing which side is up! Very disturbing thought.
  • I admit, having no school going children in my care next year means no school run and I am so very happy about that. I may wake up early but I am not a morning person and will enjoy not having to jump out of bed, get lunches, look for missing shoes etc and rush in the morning traffic to two schools, quite far apart. I have served and fulfilled these duties for a long time and now I shall rest.
  • With help I have moved our room around and have a “coffee corner” and a “Wenchy’s mess” in the other. I have actually thrown stuff away, although I doubt it looks that way. When the mess looks like a space, one day I will look at what is hidden under the stairs that we have not unpacked yet. I know there are plenty of photographs to hang up and party goodies.
  • Thanksgiving was fabulous. Beautiful, meaningful and blessed. Thanks to everyone involved. We had a “caterer” who made platters that I thought was fantastic! The entire table was covered with platters. Wow, I also loved the presentation! A lovely time was had by all. Jax even arranged a surprise to have my sister Rentia attend! Photos on face book!
  • My dear husband has been working unbelievably long hours as it is crunch time for the team. I do understand and support him, but I also miss him.
  • I hope we get to see the Pantomime this year. I so love it!
  • I started doing Christmas cards but my hand doesn’t write nice after awhile as my hand spasms so it is taking a while. Do you want a card? Mail me at
  • We need to take all three kittens to be “fixed” «as if they broken», during December as their vouchers from kitty haven expires then.
  • It is book club Friday night and I am looking forward to it. I really enjoy seeing people as I spend so much time on my own. I don’t mind, I like my own company but sometimes a change is needed.
  • My sister, Mary-Ann and family was in a car accident. Her husband Chris is in ICU and paralysed while my sister and her two small sons have minor injuries.
  • Our friend, Kirk is visiting from Canada and will be staying with us for some time in December. Is lovely to have him and he really loves South Africa from his previous visit. I hope he will have a good stay!

    It has taken me hours to write this. 🙂 Hope all is well in your world.

    I wish you enough,
    Wenchy x

  • 14 responses to “Notes from my bedroom. Top floor.”

    1. I hope your sister, her husband and their children are all healed quickly!!!


      1. Me too! It is so traumatic


    2. Catherine Jordan avatar
      Catherine Jordan

      It is that time of the year – busy busy busy.
      Hope your christmas is quiet


    3. I also have no kids this Christmas, as you know. I am trying to think of things to keep me busy, so at this stage, I will be working. I need to do something seriously kick-ass for New Years though, which will hopefully involve dancing.

      I have Christmas Carols at the kids’ Jewish school tonight. That makes me laugh but you can only just imagine how excited Connor is about this whole thing. Tristan … not so much. Trey … just goes where I tell him. And Katie … oh well, what can I say there, she is still small.

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new tattoo, even more so cos we match in our own way.

      love you


    4. Comment…!


    5. lol i think the purple and black is definatly you, :O) im looking for designs for your next cake, with many shades of purple, very excited for next year ;O). just wanted to send my love and tell you im thinking of you, and miss you lots, and that you are an inspiration to so many people, talk soon. x x x x


    6. So sorry to hear about your sister and her family! Sorry you feeling glum….it’s difficult to be alone and in pain and the grey skies don’t help… you can always come for tea! 🙂 Will see you tomorrow, take care and chin up! xxxx


    7. Scary about your sister and her hubby! That is awful!


    8. Hope your brother-in-law is going to be ok. What a terrible thing to have happened..Life is a rollercoaster ride for all of us. That’s why we have to appreciate all the good times and not take them for granted. This time of year is a mixture of extreme tiredness and extreme excitement of looking forward to the summer holidays (for a month)!! Hope you and your family have an awesome Xmas…stay safe!


    9. Please feel better! I know everything is so difficult for you at the moment. I pray that you get better and everything comes right. All the best for your brother-in-law I hope that he and your sister will be able to deal with all that has happened.


    10. Thinking of you, hope all is better soon!


    11. So sorry to hear about your brother-in-law – dis so hartseer.


    12. My word there’s a lot in this post! Hope your BIL recovers.


    13. Hope your brother in law gets better soon. And that you get your black and purple hair and the kick-ass camera you want! 😉


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