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Trust her with your life, not your eyebrows.

Most of us have best friends. I have been thinking what attracts us to that specific friend, that you may actually lay your life down for.

In our case we are both Gemini’s, we both have many kids, we have been married more than once, we love to laugh, we love to dance to Abba and we like a drink or two and if I was as thin as Jax, I would never have worn clothes…..and we both addicted to the pain a tattoo gun brings. We crave it. We love glitter, being girls and make up. We both LOVE Billy Connolly and we cut CD’s for each other to listen to. We both blog, although she is not regular. All bran?

Jax loves loud recently recorded kinda music, drinks a shit load more than me, mostly because I am too old for hangovers. She doesn’t like reading, she cooks and bakes, she was once married to a Jew….oi vey! …..the best I could raise her was a gay x husband, a large book collection, a box of country music and a Woolworths card to buy food.

We somehow fit, she gets me and I get her. We don’t need words. Whatever you do, as crap as it is there is NO JUDGEMENT only acceptance and a hug….and a brief “told you that was a fuck up!”.

We love each other anyway, I swear more than her, I come across more conservative cause I am fat but in reality, if I were thin I would be the girl rocking the boots. There is no jealousy at all. We happy for each other and support each other.

We keep secrets, bury the Earls in the apple orchard and we keep going. Jax says we are a circle, we don’t end. We deep like that. 🙂

Now, if this is your best friend who has a copy of your living will and organ donor card, you would ask for her help in any instance.

We were on bbm. Jax on her way back from her lawyer when I mentioned Liam James needs Ritalin URGENTLY or apple orchard for him. Her Connor is a Liam James and she told me they trying a new drug on Con, she has some spare Ritalin. Hallelujah chorus all round. She is in my area and very soon in my room with a view. Medication immediately administered.

I am feeling very unsteady and dizzy today. Physically, emotionally and psychologically. I blame everything on the medicine LOL.

Anyhow, I ask my friend if she could colour my hair for me cause I am desperate and salons are so expensive and I am not feeling well. Just the roots and eyebrows. I always colour my own eyebrows.
My friend does not pause a minute. Off course, she is happy to help. She rolls her eyes and does my eyebrows not saying, look babe, this may be a fuck up LOL.

She coloured my hair beautifully no gray anywhere…. But when I looked in the mirror I saw a dark layer of black colour on my one brow….. NOT coloured inside the lines…. And the other brow, received minimal colour, also not inside the lines but a two tone brow for me. ….mmmmm

I tried a variety of goodies to take the colour off, eventually Savlon did the trick with hard rubbing and a small burn! My forehead looked like Rudolph’s nose! Fucking hell, so there I was rubbing Savlon, rinsing with water and eventually I look okay enough to go in public, with make up! 🙂 I am now exhausted.

Jaxie, you are hired to colour my hair again in two weeks time please, but we gonna have to outsource the eye brows, my friend.

Love you to my lasts sock!

Wishing you enough,
Wenchy x

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8 responses to “Trust her with your life, not your eyebrows.”

  1. Aw at least she tried and luckily you still have eyebrows 🙂


  2. Haha…My best friend once decided my brows needed a bit of a pluck and shave before a very important date when I was in Matric.. Needless to say I didn’t feel too proper with 1,5 eyebrows remaining LOL


  3. wha haha ha ha hahahaha – I am laughing so much. Thankfully when I saw your post on BBM, I asked Leigh to come armed this evening with everything needed to fix the eyebrows.

    Oh dear … at least we are not dull.

    love you.


  4. After a shake of the head and a good laugh, here is my comment …. Every girl needs a friend like that. Someone who is always there no matter what! They are special and we trade them for nothing.


  5. Awesome relationship you both share 🙂

    Definitely not dull.


  6. Love that she’s back in your life 🙂


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