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Bugatti Taste Cafe Notes

Hello! I am working on my year end quiz at the moment, but thought I had to write this. 🙂

Noid was asleep when I left so I am by myself at greenstone, at my favourite coffee shop, Bugatti having a strawberry smoothie. I use to dislike anything berry but I love strawberries and no I am NOT pregnant.

Their is so many people here and I am relaxed and they don’t worry me one bit.

My husband bought me the tiniest little camera I asked for, for Christmas. I went looking for a pouch and a memory card. Usually we have crap service there but today it is all smiles! Wow! They also have a food section now.

My Kevin told me I am becoming a hermit and he is worried about me. I admit it IS something I have been thinking about. I have gained so much weight which makes me feel so ugly and a huge disappointment to myself and others…… makes me feel most comfortable in my room. I got rid of my fatter clothes so my wardrobe is limited.

I will hear at the end of January 2012 if my disability application is approved or what the plan is further.

There is bells ringing, people talking, kids laughing and some crying, long lines for ice cream cones, I hear so many of our languages, little lights flickering and I feel happy sitting here as if I don’t have a care in the world!

I cherish these simple moments of peace.

I wish you enough, especially flickering light and the laughter of children.


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5 responses to “Bugatti Taste Cafe Notes”

  1. I also treasure the moments when I can sit in a coffee shop all by myself having a proper coffee or juice and just watch the world go by.

    Hope you had fun.


  2. for us here at this time of year….that sounds just fab…


  3. Firstly, I love your new blog format / picture thingie. It’s really beautiful & colourful. Secondly, I think people are far more alike than we imagine and I am sorry you are not feeling good about yourself in terms of weight. When I read your blog, I just see an amazing, brave, clever person (who still acknowledges the little girl inside of her!). Stay strong dear Wenchy. Vasbyt and bytvas and love and light to you. Some of us see the person inside first. xx


  4. I am doing pretty much the same thing right this very moment! What peace! Enjoy! 🙂


  5. Quiet moments alone, watching the world go by are wonderful. However please do not consider becoming a hermit….I shall miss you terribly 😦

    Love you my friend!


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