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What girls really chat about…..

Now, you all know I am very anti racism so please take the following conversation between my dearest friend Jaxie and I with a huge mountain of organic salt…. because we care about the earth and all. Live green en so.

Or not.

WεηchƔ, JΩ̴✗ĭεr


JΩ̴✗ĭεr: How did today go
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: I have been cleaning my house for the past two hours – dead sexy – NOT
WεηchƔ: Today went good but I am taking it one day at a time
WεηchƔ: Our domestic has broken her arm
WεηchƔ: So she sent her cousin who is so thick
WεηchƔ: Thankfully Noid dealt with her as he is still on leave
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: OMG!! About the cousin.
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: Glad it went ok today
WεηchƔ: The cousin even looks dof
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: Whahahahaha
WεηchƔ: Like bad
WεηchƔ: She is coming again on friday
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: Oh lord
WεηchƔ: We don’t think she will manage a day alone
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: FFS – no man. That will not do
WεηchƔ: Weird looking LOL
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: I need a pic. You shall have to take one
WεηchƔ: She is very black
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: Hahahahahahaha
WεηchƔ: Black and thick build not fat
WεηchƔ: Like a solid mass of person with a bad wig
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: Oh my god. I am laughing so much
WεηchƔ: A really bad wig that has a side path LOL
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: =)) =D. – I am finished
WεηchƔ: Serious!
WεηchƔ: She also has a name I cannot say
WεηchƔ: Let me look from jerminas sms
WεηchƔ: Shertina.
WεηchƔ: What kind of a name is that?
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: I am crying with laughter
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: A big black name
WεηchƔ: Yes! Jermina said it is her cousin but I have no idea if there is any blood relation much like you and I are sisters
WεηchƔ: She also has big lips
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: They tend to do that. As we do. 🙂
WεηchƔ: lips like from Congo
WεηchƔ: Like serious lips
WεηchƔ: And no smiling
WεηchƔ: Takes life seriously
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: Lol
WεηchƔ: Luckily I was at work so Noid got to deal with her all day long
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: Lucky Noid
WεηchƔ: I told him to give her one task and upon finishing another
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: I am almost jealous
WεηchƔ: She has that blank look
WεηchƔ: Like she won’t tell you where her passbook is
WεηchƔ: You can beat the crap out of her but she will just make that look
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: Whahahahahahahahaha
WεηchƔ: Scary
WεηchƔ: She may also stab you and keep that look while stabbing me and while being questioned by the police
WεηchƔ: Clearly, even I who voted for the ANC is a tad intimidated by her blank stare, big lips, serious black skin and her inability to finish the iron, so I maar just said okay!
WεηchƔ: Oh and the weird wig
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: Whahahaha. You are sooo funny
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: I love you
JΩ̴✗ĭεr: Xxx


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11 responses to “What girls really chat about…..”

  1. Thanx for that! I had such a laugh now!


  2. I am still laughing at this. I need a pic. Make a plan.


  3. I laughed so loud now I’m sure my neighbour is worried! 🙂


  4. I really think this was not proper to post ar all, to so openly make fun of someone regardless of who they are or where they. To do an act like this is lower than the bottom feeds of the earth. Do your kids read what you publish? does this set a good example for them? What do you teach your children when posting this kind of trash. I really hope that you were amused by this, we are not all educated and can not all try be sophisticated. we are who we are, for a woman who posts how ill she is and how thankful she is for all she has, this is a double edged sword for me. who gives anybody the right to put another person down, regardless of their skin or education? you are lucky to have a maid who comes in to clean and iron, when most everyday people who have children and households to run are doing it on their owPeople in glass houses should not throw stones!


    1. Dear,

      I truly love how you started your tongue lashing… So “not proper” has rubbed off? You made me smile.

      My children don’t as a rule read my blog but I certainly do not hide it from them. They welcome to it.

      Who I am, is also who I am, oily skin, unaccepted tattooed body, double chins etc, and I too am judged on how I look. I am sure I have had people make fun at my expense and probably at your looks also.

      I just listened on TV how white folk can get big lips by blowing a vuvuzela. Our society can surely appreciate our differences and smile.

      Btw, there is nothing sophisticated about me! My friends would surely agree…..and I have no idea how education would improve a native look. You are what you are. Just as my hips make me look like a black African woman.

      Doubled edged sword I may even agree with… as in my house the word “maid” is seen as offensive and may not be used.

      Please read my reply to other “negative” comments and thank you for commenting.

      I wish you enough,

      PS. I am indeed blessed to have a domestic worker on a full time basis who cleans, washes and irons our clothes. I have not always had this privilege. I too have done without.

      On a light hearted note, Noid asked me to please mention that he has been the cleaner for the past three weeks while our domestic went on leave, while only working for us for 8 weeks. 🙂


  5. Pinch of salt or not, the post is bitchy, mean spirited and classless. People generally cannot help the physical features they have and odds are she did not have the advantage of the education you did. I am sure you will have something to say about anonymous comments. The flip side of that is, if you knew Shertina was reading this you would want to be anonymous. Her education might rob her of the ability to be thrilled, by your skilled pen writing about stereotypes and her. Makes you a coward in my books. You are an intelligenrt woman. In the cold light of day you will know this is an abysmal post. Of course if this is who you are, then you have fooled a lot of people for a long time.


    1. Hi there,

      If you feel disgusted by what I wrote, you clearly do no know me very well. This has nothing to do with the position or education, what about my lack of being able to speak her language?

      I am sure she may have discussed our household, how weird we are, how I opened the door in a shocking state, or how we clearly never clean x y and z, on her own platform today, …..may just not be as public as mine.

      Oh I do agree with you that I am a coward in MANY ways, but
      our society needs to laugh at ourselves more often. I make equal fun of my fat ass, lack of being able to cook etc.

      I wonder why it always takes a post such as this to have you leave a comment.

      I wish you enough,

      PS. intelligenrt is spelled intelligent. I suspect you too are educated.


    2. BTW. As a note to all.

      Educated or not………….. when I give a simple instruction “Please take the washing in the wash basket down and wash it”, Three times and in 2 different languages and she does not get it proves she is thick, as well as looking thick.

      And I ended up doing it myself.

      I could go on and on with issues we have experienced with her over the last 2 weeks but I believe my point is made.

      10 planks, next to each other, had nothing on this dear person who tried hard but was surely the dullest crayon in the box I have ever come across in my life.


  6. Whahaha, o get back your boxes. It was a conversation between friends not the final word from Terblance!

    Sorry but Chinese people have strange eyes just as 99% of black woman got big butts. Just like in my neighbour your far to old when your not pushing your first borne in a stroller at 16.

    Its called life, and the people who live in it, and you don’t need to be educated to wear a bad wig and look DOF!!!

    But thank you for your thought and feeling next time I will try tell Wenchy to never be honest again! As if!


  7. Some People!!


    Can you believe how narrow minded they are to react the way they did.

    it is ironic you are the least “racist person i have ever met in my life and they reacted the way they did. Must be guilt


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