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Wenchy 16/365 – Happy Anniversary Babe!

16 January 2011 – Picture taken before 9am, on my way to work.

* Noid and I met 4 years ago today at 7pm exactly. Happy anniversary baby!

* Our kittens are doing well with living outside/inside most of the day and even climbing the small tree, and sleeping and eating inside at night. Thanks to Jaxie for the tip on the living next door to Alice.

* The strange lady is still working for us as our house keeper still has a broken arm. Nothing has improved with time. There is only three of us and the ironing basket just never goes down!

* It is after 10pm and I am busy colouring my hair. I hate grey roots.

* Today work was difficult. My hands just didn’t grip well. Thanks Merce for carrying my tea. I am so thankful for the proper people I work with. Stapling was a nightmare. I was so hot in the office. My hair around my neck was constantly wet.

* Noid and I are adjusting to life as a more quiet house falls upon us. I am sure Victoria and Liam James is also settling down with their respective Dads. I miss them very much, but try really hard to not overpower them with messages or calls, so they don’t feel ‘torn’. It makes my heart sore.

* I am trying to be a girl again {vs the sick person} and wear make up to work, different jewellery daily and just well, go to work! LOL

* Greys Anatomy started tonight and I found it lacking…. I mean I didn’t even cry!

* I have been going for, I think is called Gellish manicures and I love it. The nail polish is suppose to last 21 days but mine lasts about 14 odd days before they either grow out or occasionally chip. I really would recommend it. Only issue is the limited colours available and I like my fingers and toes to match. Nail polish last long on my toes anyway, so no need for fanTy nail polish.

* My leave was approved for our trip! Yay!! Very exciting.

* I am giving contacts a go for a change again. I wonder how I would look with green eyes? Why are those contacts so expensive?

* I am seeing Victoria tomorrow for cuppacino. Proper that.

* Did I mention 4 years later we still up at 12:30 am?

I wish you enough leave to go all the places you love.

Wenchy x

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3 responses to “Wenchy 16/365 – Happy Anniversary Babe!”

  1. You sound very upbeat! (Apart from being away from Victoria & Liam) I love it!


  2. Had a good laugh at ‘strange lady’. I’m so glad you’re being fanTy again with make-up and such – it just makes you feel better anyway. Mercia’s name should have been Mercy!


  3. If I remember correctly we were up much later than that……”wink”

    or was that the next night?

    At my age is is all becoming a bit of a BLUR


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