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Sunday 22 January 2011
Driving to my Mom’s. Jenna-Lee has reason to tell her friends her step-mom is a tad nuts! 🙂 hahaha

We went to visit my parents in Henley On Klip and I got to see Liam James for the first time since December!!! I was so exceptionally happy to see my boy!

Thanks to Dad who fetched Lee the day before to spend time with him and for taking him back to his new home again.

Liam James seems happy, healthy and all good! Thanks to his Dad, Steve and step-mom Jacquie. Liam James also gets to spend quality time with his step-sister, Kirsten who is a year younger than our Victoria. I use the terms step for qualification so you know who I am talking about, ….. I actually dislike that word plenty.

Thanks to my husband, Noid was at golf, I had to privilege to spoil my parents and some of our kids to lunch which we all enjoyed TREMENDOUSLY!

My Mom made it a point to explain, these are not rights, these are blessing. As Jenna-Lee says when you go with “Chris” ƴϑƲ may get ice cream! 🙂 Blessing! *wink*

Back at Granny’s house I could see all her physical and emotional reserve was crumbling and she was clearly in pain. I hate seeing her when her game face is down and is all just reality. Coward I am.

Spend the evening watching nonsense on TV with Noid and in bed before midnight!

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One response to “Wenchy 22/365”

  1. I’m also a coward when it comes to face reality. I want to see everything and everyone in technicolour but life doesn’t work that way.


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