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I am blessed right out of my socks as my Mom would say!!!

I live in a nice house where I feel comfortable and not scared I am going to be hijacked. My kids, when with us, can ride bikes, walk to the park, explore and I don’t feel I have to check on them every two minutes.
I am very sore today but …I so wanted to get this done so with some help from Kev and Germolina (I seriously cannot remember her name) my cupboards got sorted out and I did a fair amount of the work myself! Hallelujah chorusses for that! I had some clothes that needed folding, some needed to be hung up, underwear needed to be sorted, swimming gears in another pile and what sexy wear that use to fit me in another pile. I contemplated throwing it out, but then I decided to live in hope. LOL mmmmmmm I also hung all my dresses and skirts together, all pants together in the girls cupboard and the more formal type shirts since the room is only used once every two weeks,  I can use the cupboard. Our house is so big but it’s packing space is so small. I really want to clear out the stuff under the stairs but I am too sore now, so hopefully one day I will get there. 

Oh and I have a mountain of socks that had to find a spot after that was my birthday wish. I love all my socks. I am also blessed cause  Noid  makes sure I get the best medical care, I have a gorgeous car that I LOVE so much. My children are… all safe and receiving good care. I have become much closer to my two sisters, Rentia  and Mary-Ann, and my parents and  Noid’s  parents and siblings, we have enough food, our cats are cool and doesn’t break stuff… hahahahah  Beyorn (Rentia’s cat is a nightmare)…… and  Noid know how important it is for me to be online so he makes sure I am always covered with airtime.
I have great friends here and they happen to be awesome friends in real life too. I have conquered my fear of people knowing about me being bi-polar and whatever else and I have found speaking out helps others….. and I am blessed out of my socks because  Noid encouraged me to resign to eliminate my stress of worrying about work on the bad health days … although there is nothing home executive about me. LOL I call myself a Tranquil Body Treats Diva as a job description.
I  am also blessed out my socks that my kids love and forgive me unconditionally and Rentia, I know you will understand that one perfectly. I am blessed to have dear Germoline clean and polish and even smile at me now and then when I compliment her…. I am thankful that I worked for a corporate company who treated me like I had value and stood by me through this past year of hell illness.
I am blessed that I am no longer held by resentment and anger towards my first x husband and that I have let go of my second x husband and wish them both a happy and good life. I feel lighter for it = no more guilt or anger, I AM FREE. I even phoned, you will all be SO proud of me. 🙂
I am blessed that my CURRENT hahahahah  husband Noid tries hard, doesn’t give up easily and that I have never seen him drunk, slurring – you know how much that scares me. He works extremely hard and takes his committment as provider very seriously. I am very thankful. 

I am blessed to have my friend Will who bakes delicious biscuits for all my occassions and talk recipes, dress making and general nonsense on bbm. He says I am an odd head lady. He is a true friend to me.
I am blessed to have people buy into my idea of a book club and who encourages me to be the mad hatter. I am blessed to have Jax who will drive out of her way for me as well as Mercia who carried my tea when I couldn’t. I am blessed that  my sister won’t charge me such a mark up again on kitty mugs, but I am sure she needed the cash at the time. LOL
I am blessed that I am involved with Tranquil Body Treats which is such a special product and Leigh-Ann has been a friend during my illness. I have appreciated all you have done for me.  I am blessed that my friend Natasja gave me a domain and although I don’t see her often, I think of her. I am blessed that I have so many books I haven’t read yet. I find that so exciting!!! I am blessed that we have a (step) dad Alex who has looks after Mom with such love, dedication and devotion. He lives his wedding vows. Truly. 

I love that I am good at photography and hope to one day be great. I am blessed that  Noid  got me my own laptop, I am blessed with a mother in law who tries very hard to keep communication alive and flourishing and I will miss them when they move to the Swellendam soon.
I  APPRECIATE  the freedom of not having the time pressure of needing to sleep because I must get up for school and work. I am thankful that I have finished my turn of the school run, the lunch, PT clothes etc forgetting, the principal calling and I am VERY SLOWLY started to speak on the phone but I still find it SO difficult. 

I am blessed to have been raised in a home of unconditional love where nothing was too much fuss, I continue to miss my Oupa  Mike and my Ouma Chrissie, especially when I do something good, cause I wanna show them what I did! I am blessed that both my sisters are happily married. I am blessed to be getting to know my nephew and nieces.  I am blessed to have overcome my fear of cats and I love Cayte, Gina and Bella. I am so thankful I don’t have to worry about the pool anymore like in the old house. I use to sommer feel depressed just looking at the swamp!
I am so blessed my Mammie is now on Face Book cause it helps me see her more clearly and learn things about her and she gets to see me, the grand kids and what they are up to. We are in a good place.. I am very thankful. I am thankful that I have the perfect wedding ring. It is exactly what I wanted. Sometimes we forget all the little things around us that blesses our lives, a fan in summer, an electric blanket in winter, a bird chipping or the excitement of going on a trip…. the enjoyment of doing something nice for somebody purely because you can. We should all be doing allot more of that!!!!!! I am thankful I can hear and see… I can walk although I’m limping more then walking some days. I look a little like a clown. LOL ….. a drunk one.
I am blessed that I can go to the salon, Jeneznot just hair (011 485 4392) in Sydenham … the salon  happens to be owned and operated by  Noid’s x-wife Jenny. The shop is PURPLE, what more can I say! LOL It is very inviting, friendly, welcoming, nothing is too much trouble with Cynthia making sure you always have something to drink. I have my nails done by Jenny with Gelish (my favourite product at the moment. It is a nail polish that seriously lasts for three weeks before even a chip… chances are it will grow out before I go again!!! and it is  NOT the same as the other products I have tried that is suppose to  do the same from the franchise salons I have visited, Gelish is the only one that has delivered on longevity for me personally), my hair cut by Anke who listens to what you want, makes suggestions and has a beautiful smile.
I am thankful that when I am anxious and I literally tear my toe nails off, sorry, but yes I do that, I have found a friend in  Noid’s x wife Jenny will look at my feet and make them pretty again.  She will tell me that I haven’t done this in a while, or to relax and not do this to my toes again ’cause is bloody hard to paint! I feel sheepish, but better and we continue again. Life has a weird way, or maybe it’s me – when you stop judging people you  find friends in unexpected places. 
I am thankful that Noid’s first wife, the exotic Cal  stays in touch with me all the time. If my bbm says I am in pain she will  always send me a message to get better. I really love her – she has a beautiful spirit of caring, loving and giving. I think I have overcome the “lets hate the x wife syndrome and I think they have overcome the lets hate the new wife who is now part of my children’s lives complex” as  the reasons for their marriages not working out  has nothing to do with me. I didn’t know them or Noid then. I was stuffing up my own  x marriages at the time! Not really a laughing matter, but still. 🙂 It has taken me a long time to come to a place, and sometimes I still  fall down,  where I feel inferior as  Cal and Jenny are  both pretty beautiful, THIN (cows LOL) and gorgeous, run their own businesses and are generally happy and successful people. I am glad  Noid chose me out of everyone in the whole wild world for the third time lucky marriage?
I get to see my baby girl Victoria (kisses hunny bunny and if you reading, always leave a message!) maybe once a week and I look forward to it like a child to Christmas. I love her hugs and kisses and talking and laughing. I love that she loves sushi that I hate. I love that she has a strong sense of who she is, and who she wants to become. I love you so much Victoria. You are strong and I know and believe in my heart that you are meant for great things and will overcome anything.
I don’t see Liam James  often as he lives further away and driving isn’t always possible for me and the area he is in, there aren’t many nice things to do for entertainment for day trips. My parents do not live far away so my dad Alex was so happy to spend extra time with Liam so we make it an outing and see them all at the same time. On the phone he sounds happy and content but would like a door for his room please. LOL I am thankful that all is well.
Kev is here, connected by heart strings as I have never owned an apron. He is looking for employment as he was to late  to register to study (psychology) so I hope next year, we will have him sorted. I rely heavily on Dion.Dougie and Jenna-Lee seems to enjoy visiting. Douglas said last weekend he feels he comes to us every other weekend and it feels like a holiday because they have the freedom to ride bikes, swim, play cricket and fall off walls. Ooops!! 🙂 I am very thankful the kids feel safe and happy visiting. I don’t want their visits to their Dad and the always portrayed as wicked, step-mom to be unpleasant. I really am not wicked. Full of crap but not evil, nor mean.

I feel I lost many friends over the past year, especially Twitter and Blog friends. I was very un involved. Didn’t attend parties etc due to my horrible health issues and anxiety.. I live in hope that those who are and meant to be in my life will make their way back…. I hope I will be able to fulfil engagements and rebuild bridges burned or at least wobbly. The illness and my reaction to it was not a blessing but it is a blessing that you may just get a second chance. That I am thankful for.

I am thankful that as I sit here this afternoon I hold no grudge, I feel at peace with myself …. knowing I am human, I’ve made horrendous mistakes, but one can ask for forgiveness and life can become beautiful again.

As my next tattoo will say “My life is my message” …. if only you knew how many messages my life thus far has to share with you. 

I found this blog, 100 Things I’m Thankful For and perhaps that is not a bad challenge?
I wish you enough,

12 responses to “I am blessed right out of my socks as my Mom would say!!!”

  1. Hi I haven’t read for ages, but I’ve also not been blogging or getting around to most things actually. You are sounding strong. 🙂


  2. Always happy reading, almost sure I should have been in the section of people that you get on better with now but who am I to tell an author how to do her work :)) Nice to see you back, now all you need to do is get back to the photography and my life will be complete!!


  3. Wow. I LOVED this post. You sound so positive and hopeful about the future. I will live in hope along with you. Much


  4. Not only did I enjoy reading this post but I am also going to steal your picture just like I have many others before!!

    I am so glad to feel your positive spirit & attitude of gratitude – you are truly blessed!!


  5. Dear Good wife….. still wiping the tears from my eyes….oh dear there they start again!!!! You inspire me, I wanna be just like you when I am all grown up! I am thankful and blessed that you came into Dion’s life, into my life and into my darling Nick’s life. Stay just the way you are. I love you even more today and I think you too are a beautiful wife and Dion is a very lucky man!


  6. I told you when you find the peace inside its a new power. I am proud that we have each other and yes my
    baby I understand. 😉 your a good!strong! Beautiful women and remember each one is there own kind of beautiful. I am grateful I found you even though we grew up together. I love you. Beautiful entry!


  7. Do you get nailed for “water Damage” if you have tears on your Blackberry?

    It was lying on the table in front of me while I read this and when i finished and looked down it was full of “puddles” on the screen.

    It has been a hard and difficult year and I have also made my fair share of mistakes and have had many bad days but this post has given me renewed hope and much happiness.

    We both really do have a great deal to be thankful for. Thanks for reminding me again.

    I am blown away by the words and the feelings you expressed and I am glad that I, like others have also clearly noticed, how positive you are and how uplifting you are for all of us.

    Love you Wenchy!


  8. Loved reading all of this and felt through it all that you are happy. You deserve all the happiness in the world.


  9. And you have so many many socks to be blessed out of 😉


  10. Hello my dear friend, its really nice to hear someone be thankful and positive for a change! Thank you for supporting my new salon and mentioning us :-). Im glad you enjoy visiting us here… but why have we not seen you yet this week?


  11. Oh this is such a lovely post girlie!


  12. wow! everytime i read your posts i’m reminded of just how much in my daily life i take for granted! Thank you!


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