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Friday, 20 January 2011

* Monday starts a new chapter at work as I have been assigned to a new team altogether where I do not know anyone. I am nervous as I am not 100% {hahahah} healthy and I will try my best to meet their expectations. Meeting people I don’t know is not the reason I am nervous.

* Again, my hours is an issue but I simply cannot physically deliver with long hours, and I cannot drive in stop/start traffic. My leg doesn’t cope and I don’t wanna cry about stupid traffic. I trust we will find a plan that work for us all.
* Past two nights in a row I have woken up from pain round 3am. My body is playing hiding go seek with me. LOL

* I had a brief chat to Liam James who didn’t appear to love his new school, Victoria was more optimistic but said the bathrooms were even more disgusting at her new school than her previous school. I did get a picture of her on her first day and she looked very proper in her uniform.

* Jenna-Lee and Douglas reported no issues and were happy with the teachers they got. For the first time, Noid and I do not have kids in the same school. I sent all remaining uniform to their Mom Jenny to see if there is anything she can use. Uniforms are so expensive.

* For the first time in my life I had no kids to take to school, no books to wrap, no uniforms to buy…. but I helped Dougie colour in some of his cover pages. I love colouring in, did you know that?

* My mother in law, Mother Mary bought me a gift to a mosaic class. I am not creative but I have always wanted to do this!!! Thanks Mommy!

* I am very happy with my short hair still.

* Thankfully my work got me a new roller bag as I can’t carry a bag. Is black, wish it was purple. LOL

* I woke up this morning from a nightmare. Felt I couldn’t breathe.

* Wish I could visit my friend Vicky in America.

Oki doki,

Wish you someone who loves you,

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