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Wenchy 29 February 2012 / 8 February 2012

Our Home

Our Home

Wenchy and Ariel

Wenchy and Ariel

Tranquil Body Treats

Tranquil Body Treats

ABBA at Jo'burg Theatre

ABBA at Jo’burg Theatre

Victoria at Jo'burg Theatre

Victoria at Jo’burg Theatre

My sister Rentia and I

My sister Rentia and I

Rentia and her husband, Johan

Rentia and her husband, Johan

Douglas racing in the man cave

Douglas racing in the man cave

Victoria at Granny's Cafe during our weekly visit.

Victoria at Granny’s Cafe during our weekly visit.


A bit of a mixture of pictures of the above time period. To be truthful it is just easier than a picture a day!

* I have a flu type symptom with sneezing and headache. Not very proper. I saw on Cal’s status she feels “off” today, I feel the same. My head has hurt all day long, I have drank lots of water as that is suppose to help, and now my nose is blocked. Hate that and hugely thankful that I didn’t have to go to work feeling yuck. Thanks love for providing for me.

* My other pain is still here, I don’t even know what to call everything anymore, so we shall call it, “the plague!”. Hahahah! At the moment “the plague” is running rampant in my legs and neck. Is to the point that I wake up from pain at night.

You have a blind me, cause I can’t see without my glasses, fumbling to the bathroom to get pain killers while trying not to wake my husband. He wakes easily and his sleep is quite erratic so if he is asleep I would prefer to keep him that way! Must be hilarious to witness.

* Noid is working very hard and as always we believe it will pay off in the end. He is very good at what he does. Corporate politics are draining and the work load and management of 20 people who all want attention can’t be easy. I am very thankful for what he does with enthusiasm and he truly puts lots of effort into it, which I don’t think his team appreciate.. I love you and appreciate what you doing. xxx

* Kevin is very frustrated and bored at home. He has dropped over 20 cv’s all over and e-mailed, and has now been to three interviews which exclude the Kirby ??? vacuum cleaner appointment which was a total scam. He is going with his friend next week to book to write his car learners license. I am very thankful that he helps me out plenty with feeding cats and cooking supper. Is a difficult transition if you have no purpose.

* Our Liam James is up to his usual tricks and his step-mom already sms’ed me that he is disruptive, does not understand personal space etc at school. I have attended so many of those meetings over the years. Besides Liam James being Liam James, he seems happy in his new surroundings. He still wants a door for his room cause the dogs jump on him when he wants to sleep he says. 🙂 He lives much further away and driving is not my strength at the moment but I hope to see him this weekend. I miss the funny things Liam James did or said, his remarkable compassion and his care for me. I don’t miss the fighting or the phone calls from principals! I do wish I could see more of him. I miss him.

* Victoria is chirpy and chatty for the most part. We both find it really hard to say goodbye when we see each other. Each time I try not to cry, so she won’t cry, but I have not been successful yet. She has a tight schedule which looks grilling to me but with rolling her eyes, she is submitting to. She enjoys her new school and has made two friends. I know in my heart this was the right move for her but I miss her in so many ways and some days I feel I am walking around with a hole in my heart.

Maybe because she is the girl or that Liam James is older, that makes her not being with me harder? Both are sore, one just hurts more?

I don’t know any news from Nic, Douglas or Jenna-Lee except when we saw them on the weekend they were happy and healthy!

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  1. Hope the pain subsides and you feel better soon.


  2. Hello Babes.

    I am not lurking!

    I am proper


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