The road less depressed, but manicaly visited.

ǶƐƖƖΟ - When I was diagnoses as a manic depressive, now replaced by the cool, epic and trendy word bi-polar disorder, at the age of 14 I can't remember feeling any different than just having been told I had the flu. Later, Generalised Anxiety Disorder joined the party. Being who I am, I examined and... Continue Reading →


Wonderful you!

Wow! Thank you to the bestest, most awesome, fabulous, handsome, sexy, caring, loving, providing husband in the world for a trip of a lifetime! Noid truly did everything he could to make our holiday special. From taking me to places he wanted to make new memories in, to new places neither of us had seen... Continue Reading →

Tim Duffy

Dear Timmy - (13 June 1973 - 17 March 1999) To everyone this is St Patrick's Day, to me it is the day you died. I didn't lose you 13 years ago. I wanted to call you today to tell you I phoned your number and your Mom's when I was in George, but both... Continue Reading →

Down the garden path – Day 13 – 15

Day 13 – 6 March 2012 Bright an early we went for breakfast before Noid was off to play Pinnacle Point Golf Course in Mosselbay. He sent me a picture saying he wishes I was with him..... small tear for me. 🙂 I very happily stayed in that heavenly apartment reading, downloading pictures, reading some blogs (something I don't... Continue Reading →

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