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Down the garden path – Day 13 – 15

Day 13 – 6 March 2012


Bright an early we went for breakfast before Noid was off to play Pinnacle Point Golf Course in Mosselbay. He sent me a picture saying he wishes I was with him….. small tear for me. 🙂

Wenchy on the balcony of Bay Lodge in Mosselbay
Wenchy on the balcony of Bay Lodge in Mosselbay

I very happily stayed in that heavenly apartment reading, downloading pictures, reading some blogs (something I don’t do often enough), sitting outside…. I really enjoy that kinda thing, so I really do not mind Noid playing golf.

Noid & Wenchy - arriving at Delfino's
Noid & Wenchy – arriving at Delfino’s

When Noid returned we went for a drive around Mosselbay and had dinner at a restaurant I had read about in a travel magazine.


Delfino’s is situated right on the beach and has almost various type of set ups within one restaurant. An area that looked very upmarket, a coffee shop look area and then the one that attracted me who was wearing a dress for a change…. a gypsy, beach sand on the floor setting with old wooden mismatched furniture.

Noid at Delfino's
Noid at Delfino’s

Huge mirrors and big cushion chairs – all in different colours, just thrown together. I loved the decor. We decided to have pizza and it was truly fantastic. Highly recommend that, as well as the Milo milkshake I had. By far the best milkshake I have EVER had. Noid even shared a waffle with me which was special since he seldom eats pudding.

Back in our room I once again ‘swam’ in that huge bath. I truly LOVED it.  

Day 14 – 7 March 2012

We decided to be tourists in Mosselbay. We started off at a shop that had a 50% off sale as they were closing down, so we off course bought lots of things at half the price, on things we do not need. Winner.

Before spending money on things we don't need.
Before spending money on things we don’t need.

 Across the street is the Dias Museum Complex that had lots of ships stuffs in it and my favourite – the old shoe, post office tree. Apparently way back when the English still sounded a trumpet before attacking you, (how gentlemanly) you would leave your mail in this old shoe under the tree and a passing ship would pic it up.

Posting postcards from the special post box tree
Posting postcards from the special post box tree

This fascinated me and I wrote as many post cards as I could sit under that tree. We walked around the water tanks and looked at all kinds of snails and fish as well as replicas of famous ships and general trading explained, before you could just got to go to the Mall.

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo

Late afternoon we left for Herold’s Bay where my dead boy Tim’s ashes were scattered. While looking for our destination, we unexpectedly landed on the beach.  I was kinda taken aback, which was probably a good thing. I had a small tear and I actually felt quite peaceful.

We arrived at our accommodation for the next two nights, Dragonfly Cottage which we found on . We also got a Honeystay discount of 15% . The cost of staying at the Cottage is very reasonable.

Dragonfly Cottage in Herolds Bay
Dragonfly Cottage in Herolds Bay

It is self catering, has space to sleep six people, with a loft room upstairs. It is situated on a hill that overlooks Herolds Bay, however the sea view is over a rather overgrown forest type area so I won’t go so far as to say ‘sea view’.   For me that meant two mornings that there was no bacon and eggs. LOL Sounds stupid hey? I really needed a change as I don’t usually eat breakfast until 11am and I don’t generally have bacon and eggs for breakfast. 🙂 The Cottage has beautiful purple stained glass on the front door and a huge giraffe inside, reminding me that nothing is random. I am right where I am supposed to be.

Day 15 – 8 March 2012

Noid left really early to go and play a golf course designed by Ernie Els called Oubaai. He enjoyed it very much and sent me pictures along the way. I stayed in bed most of the day, checking out Face Book, reading, talking to my sister, Rentia on bbm and also my Mammie.

Noid was back by lunch time. We took a drive to George and I must say I wasn’t really even moved to take a picture. We drove to the nearest beach, Victoria Bay. 🙂

Victoria's Bay
Victoria’s Bay

I was making new memories with Noid (his words) and mentally I could feel how far I have come as we stood on the beach eating ice creams (that messed all over my top). I really do love Noid. It is always wonderful to be with him when he is away from work, relaxed and chilled. The trip has been really meaningful for our relationship.

On our way back, we stopped and had dinner at Dagon’s Cove in Herold’s Bay. It looked most inviting and pretty little lights and a proper view of the sea. We even saw the sunset with beautiful pink decorations, just for us. I had ribs which was very nice, and a milo milkshake which I did not enjoy. Noid ordered steak which was totally overdone and I really thought he should send it back, but he insisted that he is on holiday and will just go with the flow.

Dutton's Cove in Herolds Bay
Dutton’s Cove in Herolds Bay

We spoke for ages and it was more about us being together, than a dining experience as the food was totally average. We came back to our Cottage, Noid did a load of washing, I blogged and eventually fell asleep. Noid fell asleep in front of the TV (after I had tripped the power in the middle of Top Gear LOL) and I eventually felt him next to me round 1am.

I had a most horrible night and woke up from pain around 2h30am. I took meds and eventually fell asleep, only to wake again with the pain still there, took more pain killers and in swallowing the tablets I got hiccups which woke dear Noid. Shame, to have such a strange wife. I got up, wanting him to go back to sleep, drank some water, made some hot chocolate and ate a marshmallow and the hiccups stopped. Yay! I struggled all through the night and woke up at 7am still in pain. I will ride the wave, reminding myself that the pain will go again. It always does! (positive affirmation, en so)

I can’t believe we have been on holiday for 15 days already. It does not feel that long at all. 8 days remain (said in my Survivor voice), with so much still to see. 🙂

We are off to Knysna today….. super excited. 🙂 …. but first we going to have an outside shower. Double 🙂 🙂

This is as green as we go. Showering outside. Nakkid.
This is as green as we go. Showering outside. Nakkid.
This is my 807th post since I joined Word Press. Please say hello? Just for today, let out your inner lurker.

I wish you enough,


6 responses to “Down the garden path – Day 13 – 15”

  1. Helloooo, stunning holiday for you and your man ……


  2. I need that ice cream! And the holiday sounds fantastic


  3. I am having a great time and the Nakkid shower outside this morning was really fun.

    The ice cream yesterday was nice and the Pizza at Delfino’s to die for.

    I will always remember the time at the “post office tree” it was special to be there with you all excited about sending post cards!

    Hope you feel better very soon.


  4. I can’t wait for my post card – so opgewonde ne. You are now visiting all the places we were at in December. I left my heart there and one day soon will go and join it. I’m so happy you’re enjoying the Cape – dis tog die mooiste plek op die aarde. See, I also can be proper sometimes 😉


  5. Hello Wenchy,
    I love your blog. Hope the rest of your holiday is painfree xxx


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