Tim Duffy

Dear Timmy –

(13 June 1973 – 17 March 1999)

To everyone this is St Patrick’s Day, to me it is the day you died. I didn’t lose you 13 years ago.

I wanted to call you today to tell you I phoned your number and your Mom’s when I was in George, but both just rang. The post office has no forwarding address for you, so no post card for you. I searched for you on Face Book but you not there. I knew you were to cool for Twitter.

I guess heaven is simply too far away for me to reach, or are you still blowing in the wind?

Please don’t rest in peace. Raise hell. I know you will know what I mean. I am always up for a small haunting. 🙂

As you often said to me: “I love you all the time. Sometimes the flame just burns brighter.”

We’ll meet again.

You were enough,

PS. Thanks for the Sexy Wench turned Wεnchƴ♥ trademark. I owe you one.

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