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Wonderful you!


Thank you to the bestest, most awesome, fabulous, handsome, sexy, caring, loving, providing husband in the world for a trip of a lifetime!

Noid truly did everything he could to make our holiday special. From taking me to places he wanted to make new memories in, to new places neither of us had seen to driving 21 hours to get us home (cause he can?).

I LOVE YOU soooooooo much!!!!!

It is so awesome when your dreams transform into reality! There were so many times during our trip that the universe reaffirmed to me that I am exactly where I need to be. Is a great feeling that.

I will still update you on the rest of our trip, but for now, 4827km later …. Sleep!

Noid and Wenchy

I wish you enough.


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5 responses to “Wonderful you!”

  1. I am so glad you are enjoying it!! Well deserved I say! :). By the way…your hair looks gorgeous! I love it!!


  2. All those “I wish you enough” wishes are now returning your way in buckets full. You are one lucky Wenchy!!!


  3. Love you and was awesome to be with you


  4. love reading ur blog, u go girl!!!!!!!!!!! and yea im proper hahahahahah hugs xx


  5. I have LOVED following your road trip. Felt a lot like I was along for the ride. And btw…have I mentioned that I really like your hair short like it is now?


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