A purpose driven Princess – pea and crown?

ǶƐƖƖΟ darlings,

Yes, dearest friends and fuckwits, always in the shadows, I do owe you updates of the last two weeks of my trip with Noid touring the Cape, as well as the long weekend away with some of our children. I will get there – promise, pics and all.

For a full time Princess waiting for her crown to fall, my days run at quite a speed.

It is after 7pm. The evening meal is cooking. I am sitting in the dark in the formal or visitors lounge of our home on the ground floor as my knees hurt walking up and down. May as well wait for the food to cook here.

The lounge, which I chose every interior bit off, including the big 5 playing poker, only sees visitors on invitations.

I am not big on “drop in” guests, it makes me anxious. Fuck knows why since if you are visiting me on the spur of the moment you must know me well?

Yes, I was the same before I moved to suburbia.

Anyhow, the subject of having a purpose was a banter between my now grown and working son, Kev (18) this morning.

I find it clear to see the purpose of others in this world, but my own remains a mystery to me.

My husband is a particularly motivated and gifted teacher and leader. He has the ability to inspire others to do better, give insight and although not the easiest persona, as with many ogres, there hides a heart of gold under the sexy hairy chest that will fight relentlessly for what he believes is right.

His purpose is very clear to me as I have been witness to children, now adults, he taught years ago, give thanks and more than once I have heard “Mr Noid you were my best teacher!”

Same goes for his change in career, I have been at functions where members of his team will express their gratitude and thanksgiving.

Off course, he also had that small task of saving the Princess (then more pea and less crown)! Poor Shrek.

My divine purpose in life? I don’t know…. Do you?

I wish you, enough –

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