20ish Questions with: Wenchy

Dear friends and interesting creatures –

Right now, I know I should go to bed.

I’m currently obsessed with Tranquil Body Treats sales targets, my small business initiative… (more to follow on that).

I’m reading the book on Lolly Jackson – STILL! I’ve not gotten much time to read.

I’m listening to the music of the night. The actual night, not the song.

I couldn’t possibly live without…. (leaving out all the love bits) my Black Berry.

Favourite place in Joburg: The Zoo.

Favourite place in SA: Hermanus, the Berg…..

Favourite place in the world:  In bed, in Noid’s arms. Safe. Loved. Protected.

I’ve lived in:  South Africa. Nowhere else I want to live.

Next up on my bucket list: Working really hard at my 40 things to do before I turn 40 list.

The last thing I crossed off my bucket list:  Starting my initiative to provide marketing for small businesses.

I realized I was an adult when : I could choose to have a child or not.

I realized I’d never be an adult when: I stroke my own face, pretending it’s my Mom’s when I cry.

Growing up I wanted to be: A teacher.

Best invention since the wheel:  Kindle is pretty cool. 🙂

A house is not a home without:  Love. Laughter. Tears.

This week I’m crushing on:  – nothing really.

I’m currently working on: Preparing for two markets this weekends, and setting up my sideline business.

I’m really proud of my ability:  To surprise myself.

You’d be amazed/horrified if I showed you:  How untidy I truly am.

I cannot survive winter without My cuddly husband, an electric blanket and hot chocolate.

Signature dish: Woolworths?

Guilty pleasure: Facials, pedicures, massages.

When no-one’s looking: I talk to myself… yes, I even answer.

In my next life I want to be:  Me. I like me. I can improve each life.

Every morning, I wish: I could hear my children laughing.

I believe that your friends:  Are seasonal. Few stays for all of your life.

I’ve really got to work on:  Organising my life, romancing my husband and preparing less boring dinners.

Best advice I was ever given: My Mom once told me to remember I am just a human Mom. I will make mistakes…. I added by saying sorry for when I mess up.

I wish you enough,

The Journey – Tranquil Body Treats Chatter Box

Jason and my fairy godson Ari

Jason and my fairy godson Ari

Morning my friends, family, odd creatures and loyal supporters –

Don’t forget June 17 is Father’s Day! As you can see from the post before this one, Tranquil Body Treats have a lovely, very reasonably priced special running for Father’s Day – until 17 June 2012. Please order asap, so I can get it to you on time! (Postage will be for your own cost – sorry must pay rent, buy products, God bless.)

To make it even more special, two of Uncle Wil’s famous biscuits (the ones I am always tagging on Face Book) will be included as a free “thank you” gesture from my side cause I am nice like that.

If you have been following me on Twitter, Face Book or here, you will know (unless you have been in a coma – sorry, hope you feeling better!) that I have branched out in baby steps. 🙂

I have been involved with Tranquil Body Treats for three years now. First as a loyal customer (It was often a monthly special treat from my husband, Noid ☺) as I adore the range of organically and naturally produced product with quality ingredients.

I was approached to become a distributor, which I have loved doing for the past two years. I concentrated on e-mail, web based sales, and hounded my family and friends. Turns out I was pretty good! I was a top monthly distributor winner often quite a number of times. 🙂

After my various illness was diagnosed and confirmed in May last year, I went on extended sick leave from my corporate job and eventually resigned. I wasn’t coping physically and didn’t want to mess my employer around. I respected their integrity and loving, supportive approach to my situation.

It was a very painful decision leaving as AForbes treated me with so much understanding and support – they were my work family! I didn’t want to say goodbye after having experienced a happy, corporate working environment where my skills was appreciated on and off, for 17 years. I miss my office friends…the laughter…. and off course the additional income. 😦

Allot of tried and tested medication with horrific side affects a year later, it seems my medication has worked and has the chronic pain under control *most* days. Yay!!

I started looking for something to buy into (mostly beauty salons, bookshops and coffee shops), while still having flexibility and freedom, so that on a bad sick day, I could stay in bed. I hated having to tell my employer that I was sick…. again! I felt so useless. I have so much to give, so much to bring to the right table – skills, knowledge, creativity!

My darling husband has been very supportive and always tells me to follow my bliss and to look after myself. Do what makes you happy he says – HE makes me happy (on days I don’t want to kill him heheheh) but I also want to feel I am living out loud, outside our beautiful home he has provided me with…no girl is an island either!

While looking at various options, I and was delighted when Leigh-Ann, the owner and brilliant master mind behind Tranquil Body Treats, (and a good friend), asked me to consider buying into the concept of a *grand stand* (sounds so posh hhahah) at the Rosebank Rooftop Market, ‘Shop E7’, 3rd Avenue (I call it my “baby shop” cause it is all tiny) – every Sunday, trading (working) from 9am to 5pm. (Can you hear Dolly Parton singing?)

We had our first trading day last Sunday and with Noid, my adopted darling son Kyle, Kevin dropping in and Uncle Wil’s biscuit given free to kids, we had a good day. I learned lots! From layout, approaching customers, how rude people can be and how lovely they are! Every week my knowledge of the market culture, friendships and confidence in selling will increase… and so our sales! I am very thankful for all who stopped by to wish me well and for the sales made. 🙂 You rock!

Hopefully with a little (LOTS) help from my friends, over time and a steady turnover, we will grow from humble beginnings and graduate to a proper shop with a door and windows. When I grow up off course. 🙂

Although my main focus is the trendy and funky Rosebank, I will be doing some other markets as well as I am loving getting our awesome products out there and learning all I can from the traders around me. We will be supporting the Fat Olive Organic market from 10am to 2pm on Saturday, 26 June 2012 – pop in! Uncle Wil will also have a stand with his gorgeous biscuits!

I do however still post and deliver Tranquil Body Treats products with much more haste (had to give myself a serious talk cause my turn around time was so not proper and way to slow! I do apologise xxx.)

Anyhow – thank you so very much for supporting me through this medium for the past two years and for actually reading this far! 🙂 I do beg you to continue placing orders and come say hello. Community and supporting small businesses is so important to me – one hand needs to help the other and karma isn’t pretty!

I wish you enough,

PS. I NEED some more visits to my http://www.thenocturnalwenchy.wordpress.com!….and would love some comments! (Please like, share, tweet, forward – I need you!)

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