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20ish Questions with: Wenchy

Dear friends and interesting creatures –

Right now, I know I should go to bed.

I’m currently obsessed with Tranquil Body Treats sales targets, my small business initiative… (more to follow on that).

I’m reading the book on Lolly Jackson – STILL! I’ve not gotten much time to read.

I’m listening to the music of the night. The actual night, not the song.

I couldn’t possibly live without…. (leaving out all the love bits) my Black Berry.

Favourite place in Joburg: The Zoo.

Favourite place in SA: Hermanus, the Berg…..

Favourite place in the world:  In bed, in Noid’s arms. Safe. Loved. Protected.

I’ve lived in:  South Africa. Nowhere else I want to live.

Next up on my bucket list: Working really hard at my 40 things to do before I turn 40 list.

The last thing I crossed off my bucket list:  Starting my initiative to provide marketing for small businesses.

I realized I was an adult when : I could choose to have a child or not.

I realized I’d never be an adult when: I stroke my own face, pretending it’s my Mom’s when I cry.

Growing up I wanted to be: A teacher.

Best invention since the wheel:  Kindle is pretty cool. 🙂

A house is not a home without:  Love. Laughter. Tears.

This week I’m crushing on:  – nothing really.

I’m currently working on: Preparing for two markets this weekends, and setting up my sideline business.

I’m really proud of my ability:  To surprise myself.

You’d be amazed/horrified if I showed you:  How untidy I truly am.

I cannot survive winter without My cuddly husband, an electric blanket and hot chocolate.

Signature dish: Woolworths?

Guilty pleasure: Facials, pedicures, massages.

When no-one’s looking: I talk to myself… yes, I even answer.

In my next life I want to be:  Me. I like me. I can improve each life.

Every morning, I wish: I could hear my children laughing.

I believe that your friends:  Are seasonal. Few stays for all of your life.

I’ve really got to work on:  Organising my life, romancing my husband and preparing less boring dinners.

Best advice I was ever given: My Mom once told me to remember I am just a human Mom. I will make mistakes…. I added by saying sorry for when I mess up.

I wish you enough,

11 responses to “20ish Questions with: Wenchy”

  1. Thanx for the post. Living across the pond the Lolly saga was news. You sent me googling at after a lot of reading I came away surprised. I thought those events only transpired in the states.

    Thanx for your list. And your biscuits,


    1. Thank you Charles, and especially for commenting!!


  2. I’m still alive and still reading. Just dealing with piles and piles of crap right now, you know, the kind of stuff that makes bipolar stuff all that much more fun to deal with.


    1. The black dog has kicked my ass second week running. I tell myself will go up again L♡ve you nessa


  3. I like posts like these. It gives an insight to someone’s personality and life by not giving too much information either.


  4. That is priceless advice. All the best for your ventures


  5. Hi Wenchy – glad you enjoyed 🙂


  6. aeroplanejane avatar

    Missed your blogs. Don’t be a stranger.


  7. Cool meme. I think I may use it on my blog. Did you know that I don’t have an electric blanket? It has never crossed my mind to get one. I do love LOTS of blankets and body heat and it works for me. Maybe I will get a blanket after all. And I am LOVING my Kindle too!


  8. Lovely post hun. My favourite “A house is not a home without: Love. Laughter. Tears.”


  9. I seem to have missed this one



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