The thing is…

….. I dunno what the thing is.

Noid has this video clip of someone visiting a psychologist who whatever the problem is keeps saying STOP IT!

Shame, poor Noid showed it to me with some trepidation as I can be a pain in the ass about mental illness needing to be taken seriously, and other times I have a sense of humour. In any case it was pretty funny. So we have been telling each other to STOP IT! with amusement.

I hate how I am feeling at the moment and I don’t know how to fix it.

My heart has a sad.

My body has a pain.

Now and again I get this shot of energy and I make full use of that. In that moment I cover as many areas of my life as I can with a hit and run approach. I shop, put petrol in, post parcels, pay accounts, send e-mail, get stuff ready for Sunday’s Tranquil Body Treats @rooftopmarket, I even cook or burn myself trying!

I miss my kids.

I wish you enough,

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3 thoughts on “The thing is…

  1. I hope your energy bursts come more frequently and the pain and sadness just pisses off. I’m glad you haven’t lost your sense of humour.


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