The Power Of Three

Jax, Wenchy & Mel

Jax, Wenchy & Mel

It never truly goes away – the haunting of l♡ve, nor the loss of an old friend.

The childlike giggles and adult whispers. Tenderly touching a picture and remembering with gratitude when you had the power of three.

You make an uneasy peace with the empty space while remembering it was the best of times during the worst of times.

Losing to death or to life, you remain forever changed by the people you use to know and who knew you – and smiled.

I wish you enough,

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Relationships Barbie – No! No! No!

The NO WAY Wenchy Barbie
The NO WAY Wenchy Barbie


Firstly let me just say HI to Tienie who is wonderful at reminding me to blog often and much. 🙂 Hello bokkie, ons mis jou ~!!

As a long term relationship progresses, we start to get into the real life scenario and the harp playing become less and the slow motion movements and soft focus kinda fades. When you start living with a romantic liason, there are things you had kept out of the eye of the man you love which now jump to the foreground. Asshole things.

The man who says you are perfect in every imaginable way, may notice that your face do not look like an Estee Lauder sales person when you wake up. Your make-up may be smudged, or if you are really proper you would have washed, toned and moisturised before bed which means you kinda look without colour really. You eyebrows may need waxing, tinting and your may have a break out of prementrual acne! You may have a container with tampons in the bathroom. Mine very aptly is an old cookie tin. It says “Sweet Cookies“. Noid says that is not funny at all. lol

While that “just had sex hair” is indeed very aluring, the “I washed my hair before bed and didn’t dry it…. and then I slept only one one side, so I look like an idiot” may come into play (John Carey comes to mind). You may even be gentle, or ungentlemanly told that you snore so badly, an Amy Winehouse concert crossed with an orchastra of vuvuzela’s would not wake you.

Now, if you know me, you will know I have issues… and I have MAJOR toilet issues. Actually even the word toilet is crass. LOL

I met my first husband when I was 14. No, we were not Amish …. just co-dependant. Initially, I felt uncomfortable, but it appearded one had to do the bathroom bit with boyfriend/husband in the room, as one apparently does. I didn’t love it. I think I was purely to young to enforce what my gut told me (step away from the bathroom!). By the time we got divorced when I was 24, I had the bathroom thing down.

Well, I couldn’t have loved it that much, as I promised myself bathroom time, is time the fuck ALONE when I got divorced. I don’t care which numbers you are doing, my maths suck and I would like to do it alone thank you very much. From that day one, there were no more shared bathroom breaks. Not with anyone, not even toddlers. I can block out a screaming kid, knocking or kicing at the door (Liam) like nobody’s business.  Go away you ghastly child. I never had that mother earth voice: “Mommy will be right there sweetie, just a second. No don’t hit your brother….” .  When forced to respond, I was more the “Go away!!!! ….and if you have given your brother three clear warnings to stop that shit, hit him.”

Yeah, there are days I look  rather unpleasant when I woke up. I have bad hair, sex hair, clear skin or spotty skin. I am clothes, not clothed, need a wax, a tint and a bit of make up never hurt anyone… I may be the most unpleasant Amy Winehouse concert you ever attend, No! No! No! but I promise there is no shared bathroom breaks. EVER.

My husband disagrees. He thinks one should share all. I say. No! No! No!

I wish you enough,


PS. I don’t get woman who seem to need each other to go to the bathroom together either. Hell no. If you wanted to inform me of something remotely interesting, BBM me under the table dammit. You are much stronger than you think. You can go ALONE. My kids are all very nicely potty trained and my husband is quite capable to go alone. Therefore, I have no need to accompany anyone to the bathroom. Unless there are sexual favours on offer – use the handicap bathroom. Lots more space.


Father Christmas ate the Tooth Fairy.

About three years ago I embarked on an eating regiment and exercise routine and lost just on 30kg at one stage. We had booked this huge hike and being the only fat person I knew I had allot of work to be done. Wow imagine that.

I did pick up a kg or two after the hike but I looked and felt dramatically different.

Then the sickness came. I l♡ve that line. Is kinda like a nice way to refer to the plague.

I regained everything I had lost, and more, via inactivity, medication side effects and if you are in serious pain, you honestly don’t give a fuck what you eat, or if you eat. It bypasses every emotion and you are surrendered generally useless an entrapped to medication to please take the sore away.

18 months later I have lost a small bit, enough to be the weight I was when I met Noid. I know he can’t see it and although the scale says so, I can’t see it either.

I hate it, I hate a fatter me. I had worked so hard! Yes blah blah, blah on the fantastic personality and crap, but you know what, personality doesn’t come in dress sizes.

Being fat, truly, no outfit looks good on you. Pay what you like. Yes, this or that may be more complimentary (for instance a tracksuits vs a pair of jeans as Noid pointed out) but in the end you actually just look shit. Regardless. You can’t hide a light in darkness and you can’t hide fat in fabric.

I was thinking today about anorexia and how people starve themselves to skeleton versions. Why did I not get that instead? I can rock self loathing dammit.

Why didn’t I rather continue losing weight instead of getting sick and the crazy rollercoaster that followed? (…..before the big gain came? Again much like the plague.)

The correct response at this point is to eat better and less, exercise more and drink water. That is what I use to tell myself when I was loosing weight. I was so proud.

At the moment I honestly do not eat unending food with a binge session. Actually my dr says I don’t eat enough. I do drink water, and right now is the most I have moved my body in months.

Psychologically being out and about has made my life better cause no Wenchy♥ is an island and all that.

I have gone off pain meds as much as I can handle – every single tablet has a side effect you get to deal with, none of it pretty. I wait till I am down with pain before I take meds.

I am going for a session of massage once a week to help mobility and this has been a most awesome experience (…and nothing like a spa experience, sorry.)

I have been a big, fat, large (whatever your word is) person for most of my adult life. I have been okay with that at times, hated it other times, accepted it at times, felt sexy at other times – but right now, I feel a new sense of self loathing.

So what you gonna do about it? Be positive and lose weight!? Yay!! …if only it happened like magic.

It is a bit like finding out the Father Christmas ate the Tooth Fairy after a threesome with the Easter Bunny. It just isn’t real.

Your can’t pretend you don’t know it isn’t real. You know, but you wish there was really a little magic in you somewhere that made you okay – just as you are. If you don’t think you are okay, how can others?

A magical place where how you look is enough. Let me be the one to burst your bubble – you are not enough unless you are at least TRYING to change your reality if you are in struggle in yourself. Then people will acknowledge you are making an effort, you are perceived more positively… and when result comes is the only time self loathing lifts and you look at others and you think…. I made an effort, I produced results – what are YOU doing?

I am still at the self loathing stage. It is almost Christmas…, I have no tooth to offer the fairy and the Easter bunny didn’t leave me a piece of chocolate. I guess the threesome is out of the question?

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A dream for the taking….

Hello dear friends and other interesting creatures!

I have been running our Tranquil Body Treats shop at the Rosebank Rooftop Market since the beginning of June 2012 and loving it. It is hard work physically and at times it has been really difficult with my many sore bits, but I am enjoying it very much. (Nothing wrong with my brain!…. then again….) We moved to a bigger space a few weeks ago which has been a huge blessing. I must admit, I have learned so much. About our products, postage, loyalty of clients, mannerisms of people walking past, visitors from around the world, fellow traders, staff, being invisible, face to face selling, building positive personal relationships with clients and traders, calling in favours and begging for help! 🙂

At the market we stock nine different scrubs and it is a huge drawing card. It smells divine! At the moment we are selling any three scrubs for R150 which is tremendous as our usual price per tub is R66! Adults and children alike, loves to smell (some taste…) our scrubs, but now they are able to experience our entire range as we have an additional display area.

I have enjoyed having ad-hoc staff to assist me on a Sunday. It has been fun! Everyone brings their own elements of personality and creativity to the day which I have really enjoyed. A particular funny one was my BFF (told you at the core I am only 14), Wil selling shaving mousse to a gentleman, while he himself has a full beard. It was hilarious!

Wenchy and my BFF, Wil
Wenchy and my BFF, Wil

I have however employed my sister, Rentia to assist me permanently with the general running of our venture on Sundays. She is not only pretty to look at, but is an outstanding sales person and I admire and appreciate how much effort she has put into gaining product knowledge and smiling all day long, even when our feet are finished! She has been an asset with her enthusiasm and excitement at helping me succeed.

Rentia during our Olympic themed week!

It has been quoted that you never work a day in your life if you love what you do, so for me, I am in heaven. I get to work with a product I believe in with my entire heart, that I myself gain great delight from.  I get to use so many of our products, smell it, pamper myself with it and spread the joy the others to have the same experience. It is like having a secret pleasure and watching the delight when others enjoy it as much as you do!

It is wonderful that I have been able to let my personality shine through into my business, so I have included wire art in my little one shop. Starting with signage, a tester tray, a beautiful tissue box cover, wire flowers and other decorations. In turn, my love for wire art is providing another small business with work which is what I hope to achieve with my “Wenchy @ Work” brand. I would so appreciate it you would “like” our page on Face Book.

I would like to say thank you to everybody who has come to visit (especially Gina and Paul who visits often!), friends I have known via the internet who has come to meet me face to face for the first time which is so exciting, support me in sales or just saying hello. It means so much to me….. especially when starting a venture such as this. It is exciting, yet scary. (A funny kind of scary that makes your heart smile.)

Barend and Leigh-Ann has unending patience with my pestering questions and have been super supportive, my dear husband, Noid being a Financial Advisor, has been driving me to keep good business sense, has been a tester of products, an office assistant if I need it, a physical labourer and has helped with sales (I am yet to see him not make a sale! I LOVE YOU. PLEASE NEVER FORGET.), my Mom who offered to trade in December for me *big smile*, Mother Mary for asking how it’s going, my friend Wil for getting up in the cold, selling, making biscuits I dream up, my boy Kyle who helped me that very first Sunday and got dates out of being at the market with me (shame, mooi was nog nooit lelik nie), my mini-me darling Victoria who decorate with flair, who was so excited and proud when she did her first solo sale, I sommer cry when I think about it.

Kevin for popping in and joking with customers that he is actually 92 and because of Tranquil Body Treats he still looks 18 (he turns 19 tomorrow!!), dearest Kirsty with her generosity, willingness to help whenever I need anything.

My dear sister, who really would truly kill the bull for me. Rentia thank you for your hard work, persistence and being so positive when I say is bloody cold and my feet ache and you say “Sit a while and I will smile”. I love all of you VERY much.

Also a special mention to a fellow trader, Tienie who has been helping his grandfather at the market with gorgeous table decorations. This boy is our Liam James’s age and has made me feel loved and very welcome. I have laughed so much at him, with him and just sincerely enjoy his company. I have to mention Deon from Rosebank Rooftop Market who has been amazing. He has guided me, let me hug him, (shame, must be weird meeting me and I hug you like my long-lost friend), suggested what to do, what not to do, just being a really supportive person in the know and not seeing me as a stalker when I message him many times a day. 🙂 Dankie Deon.

I sincerely hope I have not forgotten anyone.

My baby girl and I
My baby girl and I

Okay – tears dried.

Every time I think I have a favourite product or range, I find a new one. I recently tried out the Mom2Be (mandarin and lavender) range and I must tell you it is quite wonderful and is not just for pregnant ladies. I am not usually very fond of lotions, creams or such, (we all know I love an exfoliation and this one is delicious…) but I do love the body mousse which has a really awesome fragrance, it’s fluffy but nourishing to the skin. My newest favourite.

It has been ages since I’ve advertised specials, but this month’s specials are just too good not to make sure you get them!

100 ml Fat Attack   Massage Oil @ R95
125 ml detox body   salt scrub @ R66
and receive a 400 ml   bath sherbet absolutely free – valued @ R45 R 161.00
Happy Feet
125 ml raspberry,   melon and mint foot soak @ R35
125 ml raspberry,   melon and mint foot scrub @ R66
125 ml raspberry,   melon and mint foot mousse @ R66
and receive a foot   rasp absolutely free – valued @ R45 R 167.00
125 ml mandarin and   lavender body mousse @ R66
200 ml mandarin,   lavender and geranium stretch mark oil @ R95
and receive   a 125 ml mandarin and lavender salt scrub absolutely free – valued    @ R66 R 161.00
Precious Bath Time
400 ml aroma foam   bath @ R100
400 ml aroma foam   bath oil @ R85
and receive 2 bath   fizz bombs and a clay soap absolutely free – valued @ R47  R 185.00

Come visit. We usually have biscuits or chocolate ….. and we hug. 🙂

I wish you enough,


Branch Owner:

Tranquil Body Treats

Rosebank Rooftop

Cnr. Cradock Avenue & Baker Street, Rosebank.

Trading only on Sundays from 9am.

Room with a view

Hello friends,

Is going on 2am and I can’t sleep, so, I have been trying to blog more often and took this opportunity of insomnia to talk about my room. Yes, I know, that is not very exciting but what do you think about at 2am?

Anyhow….. This is the first time in my adult life that I have a bedroom I l♡ve. Well, naturally it is also my husbands bedroom but, he has a man cave (very metro sexual concept) where he lives and does boy in mans body type stuff. This is also the only smoking room in our house.

Technically, he sleeps, baths and we have coffee on the balcony together in summer…. So he doesn’t really care as to the theme, layout ect… As long as he has his Coke (the drink, not the powder), back scratcher and hand cream he is good.

So, when we came back from touring the Cape Town for a month in February / March this year, I knew we had to have a feather type dovet. Why can’t your room not also make you feel you are on holiday?

So once I got the duvet, I sommer decided to go for gold – well black and silver. So I bought shiny silver curtains, pillows for the bed and generally there is lots of sparkle. I bought a few variations on the theme so you can interchange various bedding and pillows.

The room is tiled, but has underfloor heating (should you wish to sauna in winter and want to spend lots of monies on electricity). On seeing the make-over, Noid
just rolled his eyes. That was good enough for me.

I absolutely L♡VE our bedroom / bathroom / balcony area.

The spa bath is fantastic for pain. If you lie in the right spot it hit the shoulder / neck area just right. Just don’t leave it on with bubble bath in the water or you will soon disappear. It looks like a foam party. L☺L

There is a heater / fan bit which has been great in the cold and the shower is big enough for Noid and I to shower together, to save water and the planet. Very green off us! I do miss the double basin we had in the previous house however.

There is a nice walk in closet but I am not mad about the layout inside the cupboards, so some of my things are kept in the girls bedroom cupboard.

Oh, our bedroom is a TV free zone, just as I like it! 🙂

Okay, let’s see if I can fall asleep.

I wish you enough,

PS. The man cave has no glam. I am not allowed to redecorate. (I tried to smuggle in photo frames, it was rejected. In the way of TV sensors or something.) Only bring Coke, ice and biltong. *smile*