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Room with a view

Hello friends,

Is going on 2am and I can’t sleep, so, I have been trying to blog more often and took this opportunity of insomnia to talk about my room. Yes, I know, that is not very exciting but what do you think about at 2am?

Anyhow….. This is the first time in my adult life that I have a bedroom I l♡ve. Well, naturally it is also my husbands bedroom but, he has a man cave (very metro sexual concept) where he lives and does boy in mans body type stuff. This is also the only smoking room in our house.

Technically, he sleeps, baths and we have coffee on the balcony together in summer…. So he doesn’t really care as to the theme, layout ect… As long as he has his Coke (the drink, not the powder), back scratcher and hand cream he is good.

So, when we came back from touring the Cape Town for a month in February / March this year, I knew we had to have a feather type dovet. Why can’t your room not also make you feel you are on holiday?

So once I got the duvet, I sommer decided to go for gold – well black and silver. So I bought shiny silver curtains, pillows for the bed and generally there is lots of sparkle. I bought a few variations on the theme so you can interchange various bedding and pillows.

The room is tiled, but has underfloor heating (should you wish to sauna in winter and want to spend lots of monies on electricity). On seeing the make-over, Noid
just rolled his eyes. That was good enough for me.

I absolutely L♡VE our bedroom / bathroom / balcony area.

The spa bath is fantastic for pain. If you lie in the right spot it hit the shoulder / neck area just right. Just don’t leave it on with bubble bath in the water or you will soon disappear. It looks like a foam party. L☺L

There is a heater / fan bit which has been great in the cold and the shower is big enough for Noid and I to shower together, to save water and the planet. Very green off us! I do miss the double basin we had in the previous house however.

There is a nice walk in closet but I am not mad about the layout inside the cupboards, so some of my things are kept in the girls bedroom cupboard.

Oh, our bedroom is a TV free zone, just as I like it! 🙂

Okay, let’s see if I can fall asleep.

I wish you enough,

PS. The man cave has no glam. I am not allowed to redecorate. (I tried to smuggle in photo frames, it was rejected. In the way of TV sensors or something.) Only bring Coke, ice and biltong. *smile*

8 responses to “Room with a view”

  1. Would love pics sounds very nice. A restful comforting place.


  2. I also like our pretty room.

    The duvet is divine and sleeping under it is like being on holiday all the time.

    Now, just that noisy clock!


  3. Sounds lovely but I am not a lover of tiles in bedrooms. And I do wish I had a man cave in the house for the hubby


  4. lucky lucky, nice bedroom and am so jealous of the balcony.


  5. Your bedroom is beautiful


  6. Your blog is AWESOME. It brings peace and happiness to me when I visit the blog…love it!


  7. Nice. My bedroom (actually HOUSE) needs a make-over. I couldn;t be arsed at the moment though. I’ll hopefully get there eventally. I am doing it in baby-steps as I realise I am single and staying that way!! LOL


  8. when i come and see what you’ve posted i notice that they are always so good.


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