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A dream for the taking….

Hello dear friends and other interesting creatures!

I have been running our Tranquil Body Treats shop at the Rosebank Rooftop Market since the beginning of June 2012 and loving it. It is hard work physically and at times it has been really difficult with my many sore bits, but I am enjoying it very much. (Nothing wrong with my brain!…. then again….) We moved to a bigger space a few weeks ago which has been a huge blessing. I must admit, I have learned so much. About our products, postage, loyalty of clients, mannerisms of people walking past, visitors from around the world, fellow traders, staff, being invisible, face to face selling, building positive personal relationships with clients and traders, calling in favours and begging for help! 🙂

At the market we stock nine different scrubs and it is a huge drawing card. It smells divine! At the moment we are selling any three scrubs for R150 which is tremendous as our usual price per tub is R66! Adults and children alike, loves to smell (some taste…) our scrubs, but now they are able to experience our entire range as we have an additional display area.

I have enjoyed having ad-hoc staff to assist me on a Sunday. It has been fun! Everyone brings their own elements of personality and creativity to the day which I have really enjoyed. A particular funny one was my BFF (told you at the core I am only 14), Wil selling shaving mousse to a gentleman, while he himself has a full beard. It was hilarious!

Wenchy and my BFF, Wil
Wenchy and my BFF, Wil

I have however employed my sister, Rentia to assist me permanently with the general running of our venture on Sundays. She is not only pretty to look at, but is an outstanding sales person and I admire and appreciate how much effort she has put into gaining product knowledge and smiling all day long, even when our feet are finished! She has been an asset with her enthusiasm and excitement at helping me succeed.

Rentia during our Olympic themed week!

It has been quoted that you never work a day in your life if you love what you do, so for me, I am in heaven. I get to work with a product I believe in with my entire heart, that I myself gain great delight from.  I get to use so many of our products, smell it, pamper myself with it and spread the joy the others to have the same experience. It is like having a secret pleasure and watching the delight when others enjoy it as much as you do!

It is wonderful that I have been able to let my personality shine through into my business, so I have included wire art in my little one shop. Starting with signage, a tester tray, a beautiful tissue box cover, wire flowers and other decorations. In turn, my love for wire art is providing another small business with work which is what I hope to achieve with my “Wenchy @ Work” brand. I would so appreciate it you would “like” our page on Face Book.

I would like to say thank you to everybody who has come to visit (especially Gina and Paul who visits often!), friends I have known via the internet who has come to meet me face to face for the first time which is so exciting, support me in sales or just saying hello. It means so much to me….. especially when starting a venture such as this. It is exciting, yet scary. (A funny kind of scary that makes your heart smile.)

Barend and Leigh-Ann has unending patience with my pestering questions and have been super supportive, my dear husband, Noid being a Financial Advisor, has been driving me to keep good business sense, has been a tester of products, an office assistant if I need it, a physical labourer and has helped with sales (I am yet to see him not make a sale! I LOVE YOU. PLEASE NEVER FORGET.), my Mom who offered to trade in December for me *big smile*, Mother Mary for asking how it’s going, my friend Wil for getting up in the cold, selling, making biscuits I dream up, my boy Kyle who helped me that very first Sunday and got dates out of being at the market with me (shame, mooi was nog nooit lelik nie), my mini-me darling Victoria who decorate with flair, who was so excited and proud when she did her first solo sale, I sommer cry when I think about it.

Kevin for popping in and joking with customers that he is actually 92 and because of Tranquil Body Treats he still looks 18 (he turns 19 tomorrow!!), dearest Kirsty with her generosity, willingness to help whenever I need anything.

My dear sister, who really would truly kill the bull for me. Rentia thank you for your hard work, persistence and being so positive when I say is bloody cold and my feet ache and you say “Sit a while and I will smile”. I love all of you VERY much.

Also a special mention to a fellow trader, Tienie who has been helping his grandfather at the market with gorgeous table decorations. This boy is our Liam James’s age and has made me feel loved and very welcome. I have laughed so much at him, with him and just sincerely enjoy his company. I have to mention Deon from Rosebank Rooftop Market who has been amazing. He has guided me, let me hug him, (shame, must be weird meeting me and I hug you like my long-lost friend), suggested what to do, what not to do, just being a really supportive person in the know and not seeing me as a stalker when I message him many times a day. 🙂 Dankie Deon.

I sincerely hope I have not forgotten anyone.

My baby girl and I
My baby girl and I

Okay – tears dried.

Every time I think I have a favourite product or range, I find a new one. I recently tried out the Mom2Be (mandarin and lavender) range and I must tell you it is quite wonderful and is not just for pregnant ladies. I am not usually very fond of lotions, creams or such, (we all know I love an exfoliation and this one is delicious…) but I do love the body mousse which has a really awesome fragrance, it’s fluffy but nourishing to the skin. My newest favourite.

It has been ages since I’ve advertised specials, but this month’s specials are just too good not to make sure you get them!

100 ml Fat Attack   Massage Oil @ R95
125 ml detox body   salt scrub @ R66
and receive a 400 ml   bath sherbet absolutely free – valued @ R45 R 161.00
Happy Feet
125 ml raspberry,   melon and mint foot soak @ R35
125 ml raspberry,   melon and mint foot scrub @ R66
125 ml raspberry,   melon and mint foot mousse @ R66
and receive a foot   rasp absolutely free – valued @ R45 R 167.00
125 ml mandarin and   lavender body mousse @ R66
200 ml mandarin,   lavender and geranium stretch mark oil @ R95
and receive   a 125 ml mandarin and lavender salt scrub absolutely free – valued    @ R66 R 161.00
Precious Bath Time
400 ml aroma foam   bath @ R100
400 ml aroma foam   bath oil @ R85
and receive 2 bath   fizz bombs and a clay soap absolutely free – valued @ R47  R 185.00

Come visit. We usually have biscuits or chocolate ….. and we hug. 🙂

I wish you enough,


Branch Owner:

Tranquil Body Treats

Rosebank Rooftop

Cnr. Cradock Avenue & Baker Street, Rosebank.

Trading only on Sundays from 9am.

5 responses to “A dream for the taking….”

  1. Will be there this Sunday 🙂 I need more kids foam bath, I think my kids are drinking it cause its disapearing so fast 😉


  2. AWesome post. LOVE that you are so happy in what you are doing. I’m actually a bit jealous. But I am thrilled for you. I wish you enough. And MORE.


  3. Ahw Wench my Skattebol!!! Ek lief jou so baie en mis jou so baie vandat ek nie meer kan gaan nie 😥 my Sondae is nou normaal en verveelig….not Glitz and Glamorous as we used to make a Sunday feel. Mis jou en Rentia baie ons IS die awesomeste traders by daai mark! So nice of you to mention me in your blog ❤


  4. It is awesome that you are enjoying the Shop and that you are doing better and better every week.

    Kudos to you my dear


  5. Wenchy, you are doing a superb job. I love that you have different themes every week and that your business is starting to grow. Your passion for our products shows. Your business will no doubt continue to grow from strength to strength. I’m moving to Cape Town with a heart filled with peace, because I know that TBT will be well taken care of in Gauteng, all thanks to you and Dion. Not enough words to say “thank you”.


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